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To Whom It May Concern, 

Of most importance to you, I have designed curriculum at the highest levels in the United 
States Air Force, I have commanded teaching departments responsible for the 
professional military education of the Nation's warriors, and my post-graduate education 
focused upon instructional design and adult education. 

Additionally, if you could design the perfect Director for your Organization, would the 
following help you prepare for tomorrow's challenges? 

€ Pursuit of excellence to leverage the budget process into programs that develop mission 
critical needs for our customers - utilizing cutting-edge performance measurement 

€ Teamwork that extends into the community while emphasizing resource optimization. 
€ Diversity in all facets of the corporate culture that promote inclusion while accelerating 
positive organizational change. 

€ Integrity to think, plan, and act for the best, but accommodate the worst. . .and do both 
while abiding by ethical business practices and optimizing governance and portfolio 

In Corporate America, I have provided Project Management leadership in the Power 
Sports environment and the Financial Sector. Specifically, for one-and-a-half years at 
Wells Fargo, I worked credit risk policy, operational risk mitigation, internal audit 
review, and financial reform projects. 

Before.that, I was a leader and educator with 27 years in the United States Air Force. My 
military resume contains examples of programs rescued, demanding customers well- 
served, and value delivered — all under the most difficult of circumstances. 

I love what I do. The Air Force promoted me to very responsible positions and I am now 
successfully employed in Corporate America. I am ready to put all of my energy, talent, 
and skills to work in your organization. I know that my philosophy and track record will 
appeal to you. 


Anthony Senci 



Successful Senior Manager in Corporate America and Retired Senior Military Officer with unblemished 
credentials and experience in multiple arenas. Proven success in all environments. 

Civilian: Project Management leadership across a broad spectrum impacting the financial sector and, 
now, the Power Sports environment. Successful collaborations with all demographics from the United 
States, Europe and Asia. 

Military: Leader and educator with 27 years of active duty military experience working and flying in 
various capacities from the squadron to joint command levels. Extensive counter-terrorism, international 
security, and diplomatic experience in Southeast Asia. In command, I was the Defense and Air Attache, 
US Embassy Manila, Republic of the Philippines. Before that, I was Vice Commander for Civil Air Patrol- 
United States Air Force; the only congressionaliy chartered Air Force Auxiliary. Operationally, other 
assignments include first-time command of an Expeditionary Airlift Squadron in support of Operation 
IRAQI FREEEDOM. 1 am a command pilot with nearly 5,000 hours of combat and combat support fixed- 
wing flight time in numerous aircraft to include the EC-130H, C-141B, C-5A/B and C-12C/D. 
Academically, I have taught at Squadron Officer School and Air Command and Staff College. 



• Manage process improvement initiatives and plan/execute all projects facilitating product 
development for timely introduction to the market. 

• Strategically utilize information technology to plan, direct, and coordinate electronic data processing 
and systems analysis. 

• Ensure organizational operation and security of network, database, and information systems. 

• Key Achievements 

o Project Management; orchestrating 19 projects impacting product offerings across six 

o IT Management; supervising two in-house specialists responsible for the technology backbone 
connecting 42 employees, stateside and overseas production, and three warehouse operations. 


• Assigned to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Headquarters, Joint Ventures (Des Moines, Iowa) 

• Signed-on for three projects; closed-out the assignment working eight. 

• Key Achievements 

o Credit Policy Risk Assessment; tracking all credit policy changes impacting Joint Ventures 

o Operational Risk Mitigation; vetting sales processes, products / programs, and line of credit 

o Internal Audit Review; line item review of all internal reporting and recording in preparation for 
biennial audit. 

o Managed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Project; coordinating DSL connectivity improvements 

for 1 ,000 Joint Ventures sites, 
o Retail Field Support; relaying support issues to Vice President-level Wells Fargo employees. 

The conduit to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Headquarters, 
o Financial Reform; managing Dodd-Frank Reform Act impacts for Compensation, Fair Labor 

Standards Act (FLSA), and Pricing. 

More Indicators of Proven Leadership.,, 

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o Joint Ventures Dissolutions; Implementation Manager for the closing of 1 6 Joint Ventures 

mitigating loss of Federal Preemption impacts, 
o State Licensing, Legal Agreement, and Support Procedures; formulating over 61 separate 

procedures in accordance with Dodd-Frank Reform Act guidelines, 


• Senior Defense Attache in a high threat critical area of South East Asia, Republic of the Philippines. 

• Represents the Secretary of Defense to the host nation government, 

• Advises the Ambassador on current Political-Military issues. 

• Key Achievements 

o #1 of 4 Air Force Defense Attaches in Asia-Pacific, navigating the joint environment with ease, 
o #1 of 18 Defense Attache Offices in South Asia. 

o Orchestrated SECDEF visit, strategic United States and Philippines initiatives formulated. 

■ SECDEF to Ambassador "Best ground operations this year!" 

o Unanimous selection as Dean, Foreign Armed Forces Attache Corps. ..the multi-national leader, 
o Led first-time USS GEORGE WASHINGTON Carrier visit, attended by the Philippine President, 
o Inspector General Inspection, zero findings; Chief, Attache Operations "This is the new standard!" 


• Planning, programming and budgeting for a $41 M annual operating budget. 

• Advice, liaison and oversight for 55,000 cadets/members, 1 ,500 units, 530 aircraft and 950 vehicles. 

• Supports 350 personnel assigned to 8 liaison regions and 52 wings in the US and Puerto Rico. 

• Key Achievements 

o #1 of 9 Air University Deputies. 

o Propelled Civil Air Patrol (CAP) into first-time homeland security and border patrol operations, 
o Directed a comprehensive $10.5M GWOT program and worked an $18K operations upgrade, 
o Air Force Chief of Staff-directed liaison billet; utilized $120K reimbursable purchase request, 
o Oversight of 20 aircraft/$7M inventory reduction; in-line with DoD excess property guidance. 


• Co-ieads 3 academic departments and 3 staff organizations with 125 military/civilian faculty members 
assigned including 16 field grade officers from 3 sister services and 3 allied air forces. 

• Manages over $2M budget. Supervises 16-member support staff responsible for information 
technology, budgeting, and publishing. 

• Key Achievements 

o #1 of 30 Lieutenant Colonels.* 

o Dismantled $120K contractual log jam. ..enabled groundbreaking "Theory of Constraints" training, 
o First-time Air Force Association Air and Space Conference Attendance; 600 students mentored. 

■ Handled with ease, one for the record books; Air Force Chief of Staff "Spot On!" 
o Major Command impact; Curriculum Development paper briefed as "Best Practice." 


• Co-leads 30 faculty including Air Force, Army, Navy, international exchange officers and civilians. 

• Graduate-level research advisor for students investigating air and space power topics. 

• Key Achievements 

o #1 of 110 faculty members. 

o Delivered first-ever Operation DESERT STORM lecture; took the war on to the stage. 

■ Put the facts into perspective; first-time lecture for 583 students who only read about the war. 

o Leadership the hallmark, excellence the norm... Operational Readiness Inspection "Outstanding!" 

More Indicators of Proven Leadership... 

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• 436 th Airlift Wing's first-time command of the 781 st Expeditionary Airlift Squadron. 

• Molded a 33-person team of active duty, reserve, and guard members into a cohesive unit. 

• Key Achievements 

o Planned/executed first C-5 Operation IRAQI FREEDOM missions into Balad Airfield; lives saved. 

o Team lead for C-5 spiral up/down tactics; mitigated man-portable missile threat. 

o Wartime operations; 160 missions, handled 16M lbs of cargo, and carried over 1,600 passengers. 


• Plans and executes all flight/ground training programs, manages upgrade/continuation training 
requirements and oversees the accurate documentation of flight records for over 280 crew members 
to ensure the full combat capability of the squadron is maintained. 

• Commands and pilots the $185M C-5 on global missions projecting time-critical passengers/cargo. 

• Key Achievements 

o #1 Operations Officer, #1 of 87 officers. 

o First-ever deployment of C-5 aircrews into combat; developed/proved Afghanistan/Iraq tactics. 

■ 300% ops tempo; 350 flying missions, 15.3K hours, 131 M lbs cargo/33.2K warriors to the fight, 
o Spearheaded $22K building renovation; highlighted command's "Resource Advisor of the Year." 


• Plans and executes all flight/ground training programs and manages upgrade/continuation training 
requirements for over 70 pilots to ensure the full combat capability of the squadron is maintained. 

• Commands and pilots the $185M C-5 on global missions projecting time-critical passengers/cargo. 

• Key Achievements 

o #1 of 80 officers, #1 of 14 Lieutenant Colonels; Lance P. Sijan Award for field grade leadership, 
o Top flying squadron, 100% completion of training requirements; #1 priority despite war effort, 
o Planned/executed Air Mobility Command's 1 £l post-1 1 Sep air show; 2-day preeminent event. 

■ Rewrote security plan, now the Air Force blueprint; hosted 75 aircraft and 160K attendees. 


• Assistant Air Attache, US Embassy Manila, Philippines 

• Deputy Director of Mission Support, Squadron Officer School 

• Flight Commander/C-141B Instructor Aircraft Commander, 18 th Airlift Squadron 

• Undergraduate Pilot Training, 86 th Flying Training Squadron 

• Navigator, EC-130H, 43 rd Electronic Combat Squadron 

• Navigator, EC-130H, 41 si Electronic Combat Squadron 

• Undergraduate Navigator Training, 451 st Flying Training Squadron 


• President, Iowa Chapter, United States Air Force Academy Association of Graduates 2012 

• Member, Project Management Institute (PMl) 2011 

• Air War College (correspondence), Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama 2004 

• Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia 1997 

• Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama 1997 

• Masters in Adult Education (instructional Design), Troy University, Montgomery, Alabama 1996 

• Academic Instructor School, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama 1994 

• Squadron Officers' School, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama 1988 

More Indicators of Proven Leadership... 


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Lifetime Member, Air Force Association 1985 
Lifetime Member, United States Air Force Academy Association of Graduates 1984 
BS, Humanities, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado 1984 


Expert in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project, Visio and advanced Internet search 


Previous Top Secret/SC! with the Defense intelligence Agency, Washington, DC, 
Valid Polygraph on-file with the Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC. 

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More Indicators of Proven Leadership. 





United States Embassy Manila, Republic of the Philippines 

Ambassador Thomas has seen my work at first hand. 

Regional Director, Veterans Affairs, Republic of the Philippines 

Jon Skelly and i worked together for over four years. 


President, Midwest Project Partners, Inc. 

Jane Whalen was my first employer upon retiring from the U.S. Military. 


Implementation Manager, Welts Fargo Ventures, LLC 

Karolyn Baker was my previous supervisor at Wells Fargo. 

Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, Cetera Financial Group 

Kevin Laraia has seen my work at first hand for over 27 years. 

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John S. Soper, Ed.S 

Susan Churchill 

Iowa Department of Administrative Services 
Hoover State Office Building 
1305 East Walnut, Level A 
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0150 
Fax: 515-281-6450 

To Susan Churchill - Iowa Department of Administrative Services, 

Though I have completed the on-line application, I am also sending this packet that includes: 

letter of interest 
salary statement 

These documents are specifically written for the position of the Director of the Department of 
Education. The on-line application did not allow for this type of specificity with the cover letter. 

Thank you for your attention to this packet and I will contact your office at the end of this week 
regarding the position and to confirm the arrival of this packet. 

JohnS. Soper,Ed.S 

The Honorable Terry Branstad 
Office of the Governor 
1007 East Grand Avenue 
Des Moines, IA 503 19 

Dear Governor Branstad, 

I am writing you as a fellow Iowan and as an educator to let you know that I would be honored to be a 
part of your education team, I grew up in Iowa and I am a product of an Iowa education. This along 
with my passion and experience of providing children with an excellent education make me an 
excellent candidate for the Director of the Department of Education. You are looking for a leader who 
can bring you experience and knowledge in working with educational boards and stakeholders, 
providing development and oversight of key educational programs, and has administration experience 
with larger educational systems. I can bring you the knowledge and skills from these experiences and 

I am a uniquely qualified individual due to my experiences as a father of five, a husband of 15 years, a 
teacher, an administrator, an educator in both private and public institutions, and as an educator who 
has worked abroad and throughout the United States, including Iowa. I have had the opportunity to 
exercise educational leadership for my family and community and I am proud to be from a state where 
the governor, you Gov. Branstad, believes in the same educational leadership for families. With your 
new education reforms starting in July, you will need someone with my collaborative skill set. My 20 
year professional journey in education has required me to wear many hats and these experiences have 
guided me to you. 

For the past 2 years and for several years prior, I have worked closely with one of the largest Head Start 
Consortia in the country. Spread over two counties and servicing 11 school districts, the ESJC Head 
Start Consortium services over eleven hundred 3 and 4 year old children, parents, and families. I have 
been a member of the Head Start Governance Board serving on the Policy Council as the 
representative for St. Joseph County. At these meetings we review new policy, budget allocations, 
human resource issues, and program changes. I have provided the panel with insight and oversight. 
The executive director states that I advise and role model " assist parents in making decisions with 
respect to policies for the Head Start program, grant, personnel, programming concerns, and fiscal 
decisions." I have also consulted and collaborated with this Head Start Consortium on many projects. 

I want to help your team build support for and implement effective state-wide school reforms. I have 
experienced firsthand, yet know how to work collaboratively with, the prevailing mindset of educators 
that are a key element to accomplishing the improvements to education that you and I would like to 
see. I have been a member of district strategic planning committees, vision and mission design teams, 
and held the position of staff development facilitator. As a member of the Operational Design Team for 
the South Bend Schools Strategic Planning Committee, we are creating ways to achieve the five year 
plans of the district. These roles, along with my many others, have provided me the experience and 
understanding of education vision building, strategic planning, and management that will allow me to 
bring your vision for Iowa schools to life. My strongest skill is the ability to build constructive 

relationships with all constituents, to create data driven strategic action plans, and to build bridges 
between all members by identifying common beliefs and focusing on common vision and values 
between these groups. This is the most crucial skill for a director at the state level and I can bring this 
to your team. 

Finally, I have worked in a multitude of education settings throughout the world I have worked in the 
predominantly Hispanic populations of San Antonio while I was with the Northside Independent 
School District. I have also worked with the overseas populations while I worked with the International 
Schools Group on the Arabian Peninsula. I also bring the first hand experience of studying and working 
in the schools of Iowa. I was a student and graduated from the West Des Moines schools. I also 
graduated from two of our state universities. Additionally, I was able to work for several years as a 
teacher and administrator for the Des Moines Public Schools. Finally, I have been working in the urban 
setting of South Bend, Indiana. These were all medium to large school districts that provided me with 
the unique opportunity to work with different socio-economic and culturally diverse populations. 
During those times, I worked in traditional schools, magnet schools, and Pre-K through 8 th grade 
educational settings. I worked as a consultant, presenter, representative, trainer, director, administrator, 
and teacher and loved every opportunity I had to be a part of committees, teams, and learning groups. 
My professional journey gives me a clear knowledge of the expectations placed upon students, teachers 
and districts. It also allows me to connect and relate to all the stakeholders involved in this growing and 
changing landscape of education. 

I am an excellent project manager, trainer, and collaborative leader. Collaboration is important and trust 
in your team is a key component to effective collaboration. Building relationships with the community 
and providing leadership to the Department of Education is something that I can and will bring to your 
administration. I am also a conservative in education who believes that all students can succeed and 
that you are working hard to make that a reality for all Iowans. I would be honored to have an 
opportunity to meet with you and to be a part of your team. I will contact your office next week to talk 
about how I can help your policy promotion, analysis and development teams as the Director of the 
Department of Education for the State of Iowa. 

John S. Soper, Ed.S 

Susan -Churchill 

Iowa Department of Administrative Services 
Hoover State Office Building 
1305 East Walnut, Level A 
Des Moines, Iowa 503 19-0150 
Fax: 515-281-6450 

To Susan Churchill - Iowa Department of Administrative Services, 

It was requested to submit salary requirements for the: 

Director of the Department of Education 
ID Number: 12221BR 

I would expect a salary commensurate with an educator of 20 years of experience and with an 
Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree for education leadership as a superintendent. 

$130,000 per year with customary benefits and opportunity for salary increase based on negotiated 

It would be an honor to lead with Gov. Branstad, and money was not a deciding factor in applying for 
this position. 

My certificates and license was submitted with my on-line application. Please let me know if you 
would like them e-mailed, faxed, or mailed to you. 

John S. Soper, EdS. 


An experienced, Spanish speaking, motivational leader who is able to coordinate services 
between departments and develop capacity within staff. Demonstrates a keen ability to 
communicate the mission and vision of the organization to its constituents and is able to develop 
stakeholder commitment to the mission of improving student achievement. Self-motivated 
learner, teacher, and leader who is able to draw from his diverse domestic and foreign experience 
and training to provide a safe and successful learning environment for all students. An eclectic 
background with 20 years of experiences. Uniquely qualified to enhance an organization's vision 
and mission. Insight and understanding into the intellectual barriers that prevent organizations 
from implementing successful and sustainable change. Strengths include an ability to overcome 
and to bridge ideologies in order to accomplish an organization's overall vision and goals. A 
diverse journey that provides the ability to communicate effectively with all members of the 
community, a crucial quality that is needed in today's leaders. An excellent project manager, 
trainer, and collaborative leader. Collaboration is important and trust is a key component to 
effective collaboration. Will bring an ability to build trusting relationships with the community 
and provide collaborative leadership to your organization. 


11 years of administration, experience at building and organizational level 
11 years of teaching experience 

Experience with human relations, staff relations, and collaborative practices 

Staff Development Hacilitator 

Project Management Experience 

Literate in Spanish 

School Safety Specialist Training 


2004-2013 Administration, South Bend Community School Corporation 
The positions held include building principal, program director, building supervisor^ assistant 
principal, consortium consultant, and presenter. Major responsibilities include supervision of 30- 
70 personnel, including recruitment, training and retention of personnel, providing leadership 
and training for teacher development and instructional practices, the implementation of district 
initiatives focused on student performance for up to 740 students per building, supervise and 
manage the implementation of federal and state programs and special education services and 
policies, facilities management and supervision, developing safe and secure learning 
environments, developing FEMA compliant safety plans, attending seminars for school safety 
certification, coordinating and facilitating multiple programs from Pre-K to 12 th grade, 
promotion of character and social development programs, developing and maintaining a climate 
of respect, cooperation, and reflection, building capacity in the staff, managing special needs 
programs, coordinating the implementation of individual learning plans, providing parent 

opportunities to participate in the education of their children, providing social services assistance 
to families, planning and implementation of family events, celebrations, community building 
activities, developing connections with outside community organizations to assist students and 
families, coordinating the opening of a new school, transferred schools to new facilities, 
managed the implementation of a NAEYC accreditation process, provided organizational 
training and consulting. 

2002-2004 Teacher / Assistant Principal. Pleasant Hill Elementary, DMPS 

3 rd Grade self-contained classroom teacher 

Assistant Principal 

Acting Principal for 2 months 

BIC (Building Intervention Cadre) 

Character Counts Committee 

Literacy Committee 

Phase IH Committee 

Reading and Writing Study Group 

Guiding Reading Study Group 

District Continuous School Improvement Advisory Committee 

1998-2002 Teacher, Asir Academy. International Schools Group. Saudi Arabia 

Middle School Mathematics - General Math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra. 

Remedial Reading and Writing - First Grade through Sixth Grade 

3 rd Grade self-contained classroom teacher 

Vice-Principal Appointment in 2001 (RIF terminated position) 

District Staff Development Facilitator 

District Teacher Leader Committee Member - designed "Teacher Leader Program" 
District Mission and Belief Statement Committee 
Brain-based Teaching and Learning Research Groups 
Calendar Committee 

Continuous Improvement Plan Committees 
PTO Vice President 

Parent/Student Advisory Committee (PSAC) 

1993-1998 Teacher. Northside ISP. San Antonio. TX 

4 th Grade self-contained classroom teacher at Gregorio Esparza Accelerated Elementary 

3 rd Grade self-contained classroom teacher at Mary Hull Elementary 

Analysis and Implementation of Standardized Test Scores 

District Communications Representative 

Brain-based Teaching and Learning Research Groups 

Technology Committee Facilitator 

Math Committee 

Science Committee 


201 1-2012 Education Specialist (EdS.)> Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN 
Indiana Superintendent License (2012-2017) 

1995-1997 Master of Education Administration, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas 
Indiana Administrator License (2004-2014) 

Iowa Secondary and Primary Principal Certificates and Evaluator Approval (2002 - 2007) 

Texas State Mid-Management Administrator License PK-12 (1997 - 2002) 

1991-1993 Teaching Certification, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa 

K-6 Iowa Classroom Teacher License 

K-12 Iowa Spanish Teacher License 

1-8 Texas State Teacher Certificate (Lifetime) 

1986-1991 Bachelor of Arts, Spanish Language, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 


2011-2012 Adaptive Schools, Facilitating Collaborative Groups - South Bend CSC 
201 1-2012 Educator's Teaching and Learning Initiative - South Bend CSC 
2011-2012 Leadership Coaching for High Results -South Bend CSC 

2011-2013 Head Start Policy Council Member - Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties Consortium, IN 

201 1-2012 Pack Leader - Pack 10 Cub Scouts - Granger, IN 

201 1 FEMA Emergency Management Training - SBCSC On-line training 

2010 8-Step Data Driven Instructional Process -Indianapolis, IN 

2009 5 Lenses of Powerful Instruction Training - South Bend CSC 

2008-12 Indiana School Safety Specialist Training - Indianapolis, IN 

2009 WestEd Reading Apprenticeship Training 

2008 National Head Start Association (NHSA) Annual Training Conference - Nashville, TN 

2008 The Developing and Learning Brain seminar by Ann Anzalone 

2007 DECA (Devereux Early Childhood Assessment) Program - South Bend, IN 

2006 Stephen Covey's Four Roles ofLeadership - SouthBend, IN 

2004 Iowa Regents' Collaborating Teacher Workshop 

2003 HeartMath seminar 

2000 & 2001 Near East South Asia (NESA) Conferences - Bangkok & Istanbul 

2000 Principal Training Center (PTC), Creating and Managing Effective Schools - Miami 

1999 The Arabian Reading Association (TARA) Conference -Bahrain 

1998 European Council of International Schools (ECIS) Conference - Hamburg 

1995-97 International Alliance for Learning (IAL) Conferences - San Diego, El Paso & San Antonio 

IB/ PYP Program Training 
6 Traits + 1 Writing 

Susan Kovalik Integrated Thematic Instruction 
University of Chicago School Math Program 

REFERENCES - Contact information available upon request 

Kathy Guajardo - Executive Director, Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties Head Start Consortium 

Scott Kovatch, MSW - Assistant Superintendent and mentor, Baugo Community Schools, Elkhart 

Dr. Patricia O'Conner - Superintendent, Whitley County Consolidated Schools, IN 

Maritza Robles - Retired Director of Bilingual Programs, SBCSC, South Bend 

Norma Hudson - Superintendent, International Schools Group, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 

Susan Hartzell - Retired teacher, SBCSC, SouthBend 

Karen Salvador - Instructional Coach, SBCSC, South Bend 

June 06, 2013 

RE: Teacher 

To whom it may concern: 

Please review the enclosed resume, which highlights the skills and accomplishments that 
will enable me to contribute to your team. During my years ofschooling and experience 
in the classroom with Elementary Education, I have demonstrated leadership, 
independence with handling situations, superior work habits with the teachers, students, 
senior administrators and parents. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to 
discuss employment opportunities. 

I enjoy the challenges, responsibility, goal settings involved in my work as well as 
applying my abilities to real-world situations. 

Thank you for taking the time to review my qualifications. I would appreciate the 
opportunity to interview and answer any questions that you may have. 


Wendi M. Sparks 

WendiM. Sparks 

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education, and I am currently looking for a teaching position to apply my leadership 
abilities. I am always willing to apply myself and very eager to accept new challenges with extreme motivation and 
determination. I have worked as an Administrative Assistant at Terms Real Estate Group while performing daily 
clerical duties. I have six years experience in the aa^ninistrative position and proficient in Microsoft, PowerPoint, Excel 
and Outlook. With my experience in the call center, and project management, I know the importance of attention to 
detail with high accuracy. I strive to perform all activities in a manner that will promote students to do their best. 

Education Employment 

Substitute Teaching 

2010 -Current 
2010 -Current 

Huntington Learning Center Ankeny, IA 

Johnston Community Schools 
Dallas Center Grimes Schools 
Bondurant Schools 

Johnston, IA 
Grimes, IA 
Bondurant, IA 

June- July 2008 Polk City Parks and Rec Polk City, IA 

Student Teaching 

October 2009 - December 2009 George Washington Carver Des Moines, IA 

■ Guided Reading 

■ Singapore Math 

August 2009 -October 2009 Timber Ridge Elementary Johnston, IA 

■ 2 nd Grade 

Administrative Assistant 

2004 - 2008 Terms Real Estate Group Des Moines, IA 

Use of dual monitors to provide more efficient and resourceful service for the client 

Ability to perform in a fast moving environment 

Strong organizational skills, including follow-up and attention to detail 

Responsible for receiving service requests, initiating work orders and dispatching work orders for all of Principal, River 
Hills, East Grand, Mason City, Somerfield and 100 Court properties 

Dispatch every day work orders for conference rooms and engineer requests through radio, phone/cell phone, pager 
Schedule events and conference rooms while coordinating resources according to client needs and resource availability 
Schedule and coordinate calendars for staff meetings, senior management within Terms 

Call Center experience with up to 500 calls a week (inbound/outbound calls, multi task in a fast pace environment, 

Wendi Sparks 

client contact) 

Experience supporting senior management 

Demonstrate strong ability to multi-task and anticipate needs of senior leaders 
Experience providing support to senior level executives/leaders 
Ability to work independently 

Every day use of MS Outlook, MS Excel, Visio, MS PowerPoint, MS Access (knowledge of the entire Microsoft Office 
software suite) 

interpersonal skills and the ability to interact in a professional manner with all levels of team members and managers 
Assist with all coordination of Principal Parking needs and requirements for Principal employees 

Ability to identify and manage moderately complex issues 

High volume of data entry 

Back up for receptionist 

2000 - 2004 Citi / Sears Credit Des Moines, IA 

Administrative Assistant / Bankruptcy Research 

Follow legal bankruptcy processes and company policies and procedures 
Adhere to Attorney General Injunctive provisions 
Investigate bankruptcy accounts via the Internet 
File and maintain bankruptcy accounts 
Print reports 

Every day compiling information and prepare moderately complex reports using appropriate software; balancing 

routine general ledger lines and expense accounts and record keeping 

Understand and utilize systems effectively and efficiently 

Suspend billing and data entry 

File maintenance and identify secured merchandise 

Send correspondence on accounts in compliance with Citi / Sears company policies and procedures 
Responsible for assignment of a proposed credit line and initial letter request for Chapter 7 Bankruptcies 


High School Diploma 

1994-1998 Waukee High School Waukee,IA 

2007 -May, 2010 

Grandview College 
Upper Iowa University 

Des Moines, IA 
Des Moines, IA 


Terms Real Estate Contacts: 

Stacey Godfrey (supports Matt Posusta and Kari Sauer at Wells Fargo) 
Katrina Christianson (Nationwide) 

Student Teaching Contacts: 

Tami McCoy 2" 1 Grade Teacher, Timber Ridge Elementary 
* Director of Polk City Parks and Rec 

Nicole Rockwell 5^ Grade Teacher, George Washington Carver Elementary 
Flo Tenney Student Teacher Advisor Upper Iowa University 

Huntington Contacts 

Julie Delanoit Center Director Huntington Learning Center 

Alan Cox Assistant Director Huntington Learning Center 

Reading Endorsement 
Language Arts Endorsement 

April 2009 
May 2010 

Churchill, Susan [DAS] 





"arthur steHa j)| 

Sunday, June 09, 2013 12:33 PM 
Churchill, Susan [DAS] 
Governor Branstad' Director of Education 

Iowa, Director Ed. Dept.doc; Copy of Complete Resume.rtf; Professional Reputation as 
Supt.doc; Reduction of Dropouts.doc; SUCCESSFUL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 
HIGHUGHTS.doc; ADVANCED PLACEMENT Deveiopment.doc; Bio.doc 

Dear Susan, 

Please enter my name as a candidate for Governor Branstad's Director of Education. Iowa has the potential to 
become the leading state in this country for student achievement, reduction of achievement gaps and a highly 
productive and sustainable financial system. My teams have produced these kinds of results in different 
geographical locations, with declining revenues and in various political environments. We can do the same 
thing in Iowa. 

Governor Branstad has expressed a desire to have the best schools in the country. I can delivery upon that 
expectation. The concrete results I have achieved will exceed any other candidate. 

My passion for education is high. I look forward to being part of the selection process. Please let me know what 
else I can do to be of service. 

Art Stellar, Ph.D. 


Iowa Director Department of Education 

June, 2013 

Dear Governor Branstad, 

Please enter my name as an enthusiastic seeker to be your Director 
of the Department of Education. This rare opportunity to head one of 
this country's most interesting states and one committed to further 
upgrading of teaching and learning excites me as few other 
educational challenges could. Iowa has the potential to demonstrate 
what educational excellence and equity, as well as reform, really 
mean for an entire state with me as your Director. 

Iowa taxpayers have paid too much for the present rate of 
educational return by the state department and prek-12 systems. On 
top of that, the future unfunded educational financial liabilities will 
bury middle class families unless there is more relief. One solution 
involves transforming education into a highly productive enterprise 
generating universally high performing students in every corner of the 

Economies flourish when the quality of education is on the rise. 
Businesses will flock to Iowa or stay in the state when skilled 
employees are readily available and when their employee's can be 
confident that their children will be properly educated. Education is 
widely acknowledged as a long term investment in the future. We can 
create rich quality learning outcomes that will yield a powerful short 
term return for individuals, the economy and the state by establishing 
policies that foster more merit and effort. 


Arthur Stellar, Ph.D. 

Some will say that it is not feasible to enhance iowa's education in a 
meaningful way without a massive infusion of new funds. That is 
baloney! Some targeted new funds for a few carefully selected 
projects may be useful, but that is a far cry from blanket increases 
without meticulously designed accountability projects. 

Sure, more money would make it easier, but shaking down taxpayers 
for more dollars does not ensure better educational results. New 
priorities and the right leadership from your director of education are 
needed, not necessarily new programs. Budgets and spending can 
be reallocated to teaching and learning strategies and techniques that 
work. Iowa's educational structure can become more productive and 
entrepreneurial. Progress and outstanding results can be 

Effective and efficient educational leadership at the Iowa Department 
of Education can capitalize upon existing resources to improve 
teaching and learning. That is what I do. 

I have the skills to construct a viable mosaic from the educational 
visions of multiple policymakers, as well as stakeholders and 
organizations who also desire excellence for all students and the 
state. I can incorporate your main educational ideas and transform 
them into reality. Building a consensus which endures is a personal 
strength. Those who compromise (which is often well over fifty 
percent) know their suggestions were valued and they in turn support 
(or do not oppose) the resulting plan. 

Part of the Iowa Education Director's role is to ensure compliance 
with laws and regulations. In that regard my experience will be 
invaluable as I inevitability detect fraud, mismanagement, lack of 
common sense, and improper implementation. I am fully prepared to 
take appropriate action(s) from applying leadership and persuasion to 
taking cases to court. I have never lost a legal case. 


Arthur Stellar, Ph.D. 
You will discover that my leadership will triumph over making 
complex procedures for local districts. Less governmental mandates 
and more leadership will be my approach. You will also find that in my 
world, transparency and 360 degree accountability is practiced as 
much as preached. 

Iowa has the potential to be in the top state in student achievement 
and lead the reduction of academic gaps just as it once was one of 
the leaders. 1 can translate exiting and new reforms into higher 
student achievement. As your Director of Education, my leadership 
can propel student achievement within Iowa into ranking #3 or higher 
in the USA within three to five years. 

I will also benchmark the future success of Iowa students compared 
with the best examples around the world. It is no secret that the US 
has been dropping on various global educational rankings. Iowa 
could lead the US on educational outcomes and still lag behind a 
dozen or more countries. Iowa can reverse that negative trend in the 
US. Emerging economic powers like Brazil are advancing in 
education, as I observed during a Fulbright Scholarship tour in 2009. 
Therefore, it is imperative that Iowa maintain its improvements to 
keep from being overtaken once gaining a higher rank in the United 

To truly benefit from lofty goals, one must be willing to put students 
first and do whatever it takes to obtain concrete results. Many states 
have raised standards and goals; however, few have followed up and 
actually held anyone accountable when these aims are not met. I 
hold people and institutions accountable and take appropriate action 
including dismissing personnel and personally taking charge when 
necessary. For example, 1 was the first superintendent in the country 
to restructure seven schools well before any state or Federal law 
sanctioned such turnaround strategy. 

Oklahoma had designated 32 schools in Oklahoma City as At-Risk 
Schools prior to my arrival as superintendent. After significantly 
reducing this number down to 7 and being applauded for doing so; I 


Arthur Stellar, Ph.D. 
was unsatisfied and subsequently closed these seven schools, 
dismissed the entire staffs including clerks and custodians, 
negotiated new agreements with the respective unions and started 
over. This turnaround action was labeled "Project Phoenix" and within 
one year, all schools improved student achievement and six came off 
the At-Risk list. Overall, during my 7.5 year tenure, the 32 At-Risk 
Schools were reduced to 3. No superintendent or district anywhere in 
this country has ever made as much progress! 

As your Director and with your concurrence, 1 would be willing to 
undertake similar action for low performing schools and districts 
across the state, if needed. Only a few states have been willing to do. 
Iowa could be a state where accountability means accountability. 

You should know that my preferred approach is to demonstrate 
effective instructional leadership. Everywhere I have served, student 
achievement has made significant advances, along with reductions in 
academic gaps. 1 have raised student achievement in urban, rural 
and suburban districts in six states as superintendent. Dropout rates 
have been cut approximately in half (Boston went from 10% to 9%). 
Student attendance always increases by between one and four 
percent. Suspensions are reduced by hundreds of days per year 
while student behavior improves. Hundreds more students enroll in 
Advanced Placement courses while scores become higher - same 
thing for PSAT, SAT and ACT exams. In fact, all scores in ALL 
subjects, grades and schools have increased via my leadership. 

I have reduced equity gaps as verified by data, professional and 
parental awards and, even, by the US Supreme Court in the case of 
Oklahoma City when the Court considered the progress of African 
American students compared to White students, while overall student 
achievement demonstrated outstanding advances for ALL students. 
In my last two districts in Massachusetts and North Carolina equity 
gaps were reduced more than the state and nearly all districts. 
English Language Learners in my last two districts met and exceeded 
all state goals for the first time ever and continued meeting those 
goals thereafter. I also pursue gender equity and special education 


Arthur Stellar, Ph.D. 

I have been able to generate dramatic results in both academic and 
nonacademic areas. Due to my leadership, students have made 
tremendous strides in art, music and drama. As one example, when 
superintendent of Kingston Public Schools in New York, I launched a 
major revitalization of the music program with long range plans to 
reach high levels of excellence. Ten years later the Kingston High 
School Marching Band finished second in the state of New York and 
there were 34 musicians named all-state. 

More students than ever have participated in extracurricular programs 
where I serve as superintendent. For instance, the Taunton High 
School Student Council and students won many awards after I 
challenged the advisor to think big. The same thing has happened in 
several districts with Junior ROTC, vocational programs and various 
student clubs. More students participate in athletics. Cheerleading 
has become more successful with involving more students and 
winning more competitions. I am a strong advocate for developing 
"the whole child". 

Your Director has to have a strong track record of actually producing 
excellence and equity with results to have credibility with educators 
throughout the state. Moreover and to the point, because you want to 
improve student achievement and reduce academic gaps, you will 
need to select someone who has actually done so. 1 have. 

School districts spend millions of dollars trying to obtain the 
level of results which my teams have regularly produced with no 
new dollars or even with declining resources. If I had made such 
improvements only in Shaker Heights, Ohio; there would be another 
explanation besides my knowledge and leadership of my teams. 
However, my first district after Shaker Heights was a poor rural 
district in West Virginia where we jumped from ranking 32 nd place in 
mathematics and 45 th place in reading (out of 55 county school 
districts) to 8 th and 16 th respectively in two years! ...and the finances 
went from a two million deficit to a nearly two million positive fund 
balance again in two years time! 


Arthur Stellar, Ph.D. 

The overall spending for education in the United States has increased 
for years; however, the results have not kept pace. As a country we 
have reached the point when more money without better outcomes 
may no longer be possible. A healthy state economy depends upon 
ever increasing educational quality. When that does not occur, the 
economy is unable to keep providing more dollars especially for 
limited educational growth. You need a Director who understands 
how to function in the current economic environment. I do. My record 
speaks for itself as i have done much more with a lot less than any 
one you might consider. 

In my last district, a poor rural community, there was a $3.5 million 
total deficit prior to my arrival. Within two years there was a ten 
million dollar turnaround which included spending four million dollars 
on technology and two and a half million on prepaid contracts for the 
next three years. The state legislature hired financial consultants to 
identify the most efficient districts - we were one of the fourteen (out 
of 115) "high achieving, low spending" North Carolina districts. The 
Center for American Progress in a national research study confirmed 
that we were one of the five "most productive" districts in North 
Carolina. On top of that our student achievement was higher and 
spending lower than the other four! 

During my previous four years in an urban district in Massachusetts, I 
also eliminated a $2.3 million deficit and improved student 
achievement while reducing academic gaps. Of the 22 urban districts 
in the state, we were 22 nd (last) in funding. I moved the district from 
the middle to become #1 in reading/language arts and #2 in math 
among urban districts and above the state averages. The public also 
approved a $112 million bond issue for a new middle school and high 
school renovations in 2008 during the recent recession. 

Hence, I have the ability with demonstrated records of being able to 
improve student achievement, reduce academic gaps, stretch 
finances and convince the public to support educational funding. 
Another example happened during my five years as superintendent of 
Kingston Public Schools in New York. After an IBM plant closed, 
thereby laying off 3500 local resident and raising property taxes, I 


Arthur Stellar, Ph.D. 

eliminated the financial deficit waiting my arrival. Then I personally 
negotiated ail union contracts with six and seven year agreements 
which were labeled "dream contracts" or "model contracts". The 
public responded by passing our budgets and a bond issue at the 
ballot box by 70% approval when 5 out of 9 other districts in the 
county were going down to defeat. Public relations is an area of 
personal expertise. 

You should have a Director with my kind of skill set. You should have 
a Director with my courage to take the right course - i have closed 38 
schools over my career and terminated incompetent employees, 
when appropriate. 1 will stand up to special interest groups, although 
my preference is collaboration and win-win strategies. 

My professional credibility and experience includes serving as 
president of three national professional organizations, chairman of 
the board for the National Dropout Prevention Center at Clemson 
University, vice-president of the New York state PTA, corporate board 
member for a software company, vice-president of another software 
company, advisory board member and/or consultant for other for- 
profit educational companies, etc. I served as president/CEO of the 
High/Scope Educational Research Foundation - one of the world's 
most respected early childhood educational institutions. 

My list of publications will match any of your candidates. Likewise, the 
list of awards and honors various professional, parental and 
community groups have bestowed upon me is equaled by only a few 
other superintendents in the country. My credibility will resonate in 
urban, rural and suburban communities across Iowa. 

My local service has included approximately 70 nonprofit boards for 
various museums, chambers, Boy Scouts, libraries, Rotary clubs, 
United Ways, colleges of education, etc. As another way to give back 
to the community, I have become an effective fundraiser. My 
expectation is that such participation will yield a return for the 
educational system. 


Arthur Stellar, Ph.D. 

Consequently, community leaders and stakeholders have responded 
to become school partners. I have started successful school 
foundations, alumni organizations and clubs for former employees. 
While these activities have raised millions of dollars, the volunteer 
support and increased understanding of educational issues are 
valuable byproducts. I have organized local and statewide 
educational summits to gain support for revitalized visions, missions 
and strategic plans. Your Director should have such extensive real 
world experience interacting with broad segments of customers and 
stakeholders, thus, creating widespread partnerships as I have done. 

Besides giving speeches and presentations around the world, my 
public relations background is deep. My doctoral dissertation dealt 
with the news media. I have anchored regular television shows as 
well as radio call-in shows. Newspapers have given me regular 
columns which I have written myself. I recently served as director of 
public relations for a year while superintendent. I have won 
advertising awards for nonprofit organizations and awards from the 
National School Pubiic Relations Association. I have authored a wide 
variety of publications on school public relations including a chapter in 
a PR textbook. I serve on the editorial board and have recently been 
named book review editor for the Journal of School Public Relations 
and have held similar roles for other publications. I have planned 
communication campaigns and responded to random requests for 
comments from out-of-state newspapers calling within the last few 
months on unrelated topics. You need a Director who has this type of 
in-depth experience with communications and the news media. 

My experience teaching elementary, special education, middle 
school, high school (drivers 1 education) and college (graduate 
courses on the arts and administration 8c supervision), as well as 
coaching will exceed some other candidates. Not too many 
candidates for a state superintendent post will have taught a graduate 
level course on the arts and curriculum. Likewise, not too many 
candidates drove a school bus as I did for two years (or substitute 
taught 16 times from kto 12 in a school year while superintendent). 


Arthur Stellar, Ph.D. 

Your Director of Education, like outstanding local superintendents, 
have to be able to produce and motivate multiple leaders to effect 
educational outcomes. Throughout my career I have selected, 
mentored and coached excellent & diverse educators. I am 
especially proud of having 51 of my proteges become school 
superintendents - certainly a national record and, even more than 
most institutions set up for that purpose. The American Association of 
School Administrators selected me for the prestigious Dr. Effie Jones 
Humanitarian Award due to my mentoring of minorities and women 
for educational leadership positions. 

Many of my proteges have won their own awards, including four who 
have been named "superintendent of the year" for their respective 
state. Most importantly, all my proteges know how to focus and 
realize progress on the mission of increasing student achievement. 
As your Director working with others, I can likewise enhance 
educational leadership across the entire state. 

While it is a tremendous educational thrill to observe disadvantaged 
students achieve at the highest levels, I also enjoyed my time as 
assistant superintendent for the suburban Shaker Heights, Ohio 
system. I contributed to the success of the high school and library 
programs which were named respectively as "one of the top 12 public 
high schools in the country" and "the best library program in the 
country". This experience taught me that high standards and results 
are possible everywhere (even with disadvantaged students and 
limited instructional funds) with meticulous planning when one knows 
what he/she is doing. 

As an elementary principal in Southwestern City Schools , next to 
Columbus, we had the first elementary school in the state and one of 
the first in the country to become accredited by the North Central 
Accreditation Association. Highland Park Elementary School had 
visitors 4 out of every 5 days of the week observing our exciting 
programs. My last year there we were recognized by the state 
Superintendent as one of the two most innovative schools in Ohio. 


Arthur Stellar, Ph.D. 

I initiated the planning for the International Baccalaureate program in 
Oklahoma City and expanded the Advanced Placement program at 
Boston Latin School enabling these schools to also become 
recognized as among the best high schools in the country. Your next 
Director should have experience realizing the highest standards in 
the country in the best circumstances and in the most encumbered 
situations. As your Director working with local superintendents, we 
can do so regularly across Iowa. 

This spring I was selected to serve on the National Board of 
Examiners for the National Baldrige Quality Award. While winning this 
award would be nice recognition for the state department of 
education and is certainly possible within the next 4 to 5 years; the 
process of striving for continuous improvement is something I carry 
within my soul and leadership style. Your next Director should have 
the ability to make regular progress year after year. I can. 

My experience includes virtually ail the educational reforms being 
tried in your state. I have been able to successfully implement such 
concepts within diverse environments populated with special interest 
groups and disparate political opinions or educational philosophies. 
Your next Director should be able to say: "When we did that in 
another time and place, here is what we encountered and here is 
what we did to make it work. You might try that approach as we were 
successful." I can make that kind of statement about most 
educational reforms. 

For example, the new national reform guaranteeing that third graders 
will meet reading proficiency standards has drawn estimates of 
costing many millions to implement. That might be accurate if a whole 
new reading structure was layered on top of all current reading 
instruction. However, some existing reading methodology is not 
effective and should be stopped so those resources can be 
reallocated to more productive means of teaching and learning. More 
local leaders would make these courageous decisions if the 
deficiencies were exposed, corrective measures pointed out and 
there was some moral support from the state to help them overcome 
resistance in their school districts, in some cases more direct 


Arthur Stellar, Ph.D. 

intervention by the state might be necessary. Of course, prevention is 
always better than remediation and here again your state Education 
Director should lead. 

The Iowa Director of Education should ensure that this kind of 
reading guarantee is achieved. If not, the reform will be watered 
down. Implementation in some places will simply go through the 
motions. The exceptions will become larger and the system will be 
"gamed". That is what happens with most similar reform goals, I will 
guarantee that this type of guarantee to the public will be met. 

Some may hypothesize that my statements are overly ambitious. 
However, you desire your Director to have audacious expectations? If 
your Director doesn't have a vision of absolute excellence with equity 
of results, why would others? I deliver! 

I have nearly unlimited energy with a serious passion for education. 
The secret to my success is being a constant learner and an 
outstanding teacher and an even better coach. When the time is right, 
I perform as head cheerleader. 

Education is not reaching its full potential in this country. There are 
many theories why this is the case. 1 have seen the good, the bad 
and the ugly. I am willing to do whatever it takes so that students and 
educators do not experience debilitating negative impacts and 
instead have lots of the good. With your assistance and as your 
Director, that will be my legacy for our state. 

Please let me know what else I can do to be of service. 


Arthur Stellar 

PS. You have my guarantee that student achievement will rise 
significantly, academic gaps will shrink, state educational finances will 
become sustainable and the public will recognize that Iowa students 
are advancing to become the best in the United States, 



Vice-President, National Education Foundation, Washington, D.C. 

Experienced & Productive SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS 

Former Chief EDUCATION OFFICER, Vice-President for Renaissance Learning (Software) 

Former PRESIDENT /CEO for High/Scope Educational Research Foundation 

Chairman/President of For-Profit Subsidiary 



• Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 

• North American Chapter of World Council for Curriculum and Instruction 

• Horace Mann League 


Former Chairman, National Dropout Prevention Center/Network, at Clemson University 


Plato Learning, Inc. (Education Software Company) 

Teachers Support Network (Private company- recruits educators for districts) 
Docufide, inc. (Secure Transcript - electronic transfer, private company) 


Harvard University (Superintendents' Seminar Participant) 
Lesley College (Courses on Fine Arts and Administration) 


Sixty (60+) Articles; Three hundred and Forty (340+) Book Reviews 
Eight (8) Small Books or Chapters 


Fulbright Scholar (Four times - Japan, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil) 
George Soros Foundation (Speaker- Russia and Belarus) 


Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts, Age 12 

Arthur Stellar, Ph. D. 


National Dropout Prevention Network/Center: "Crystal Star Award" 

Education Commission of the States: "100 District leaders for Civic Engagement 

and Service Learning Network" 
American Association of School Administrators: "Leadership for Learning" and 

"Dr. Effie Jones Humanitarian Award" 
Tau Kappa Epsiion: "National Alumnus-Of- The-Year" & "Excellence in Education" 
College Board: "Advanced Placement Special Recognition" 
Horace Mann league: "Ambassador Awards" and "Friend of Horace Mann League" 
Ohio University: "Distinguished Alumnus" 


Time Inc: "Shaker Heights High School - Top 12 Public Schools in the U.S." 
American Association of School librarians: "Best library Program in Country" 

(Shaker Heights, OH) 
Environmental Protection Agency: "Energy Star Award" {Kingston, NY) 
Numerous awards at High/Scope Educational Research Foundation (Ypsiianti, Ml) 
Energy Education, Inc.: "Environmental Stewardship Award" and "Energy 

Excellence Award" 2008 (Taunton, MA) 
Energy Education, Inc.: "Environmental Excellence, "2010 &. 11 (Burke Co., NC) 
Environmental Protection Agency: "Energy Star Leader" - Ail Burke Co. Schools as 
"Energy Star Schools" 


TURNAROUND SPECIALIST-Okiahoma City: 32 At-Risk Schools to 3 










Ohio University; Athens, Ohio (B. S., Elementary Education), (M. A., Elementary 
School Administration) & (Ph.D., Education Administration) 




Burke County Public Schools, Morganton, North Carolina 

Taunton Public Schools; Taunton, Massachusetts 

Kingston School District; Kingston, New York 

Boston Public Schools; Boston, MA (Acting & Deputy) 

Cobb County Public Schools; Marietta, Georgia 

Oklahoma City Public Schools; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Mercer County Public Schools; Princeton, West Virginia 

Shaker Heights School District; Shaker Heights, Ohio (Asst. Supt) 
Chief Education Officer, Vice-President of Renaissance Learning, Inc. 
President/Chief Executive Officer 

High/Scope Educational Research Foundation; (non-profit) Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Chairman/President of Subsidiary (for-profit) 
Coordinator of Special Projects/System- wide Planning, Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland 
Director of Elementary Education, Beverly Public Schools; Mass. 
Elementary School Principal, South-Western City Schools; Grove City, OH 



"Elementary School Administration and Supervision" Lesley University 
Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Adjunct Arts Instructor 

"Integrating the Arts with the Primary Curriculum" Lesley University 
Cambridge, Massachusetts 


Head Teacher/Summer Learning Disabilities Program South-Western City Schools; OH Language Arts 
Specialist/Grade 8 Teacher Beipre City Schools; Belpre, Ohio 
Fifth Grade Teacher Athens City Schools; OH 

Student Teaching - Levels 4, 5, 6 Ohio University Laboratory School; Athens, OH 

Teacher's Support Network, Inc. (private company, recruitment software), 2004 
Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton, NJ (reader for superintendent praxis);1 1- 
Nationai Education Foundation; 2012- 


Presentations at national conferences for organizations such as the American Association of School 
Administrators, World Future Society, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, National 
Association for Elementary School Principals, National Association for Education of Young Children, Internation; 
Society for Educational Planning, Phi Delta Kappa, National School Boards Association, World Council for 
Curriculum and Instruction, National Council of Teachers of English, International Reading Association, Nations 
School Boards Association; Educational Research Service; Phi Delta Kappa;; Guidelines; Sores Foundation; 
PLATO Learning; Docufide; PROACT Search, Inc.; SchoolMatch; and other organizations including The Institute 
for Management of Lifelong Learning at Harvard University, rtc. 



Editorial Advisory Board, "Scholastic Administrator" 

Editorial Board & Book Review Editor, "Journal of School Public Relations" 


Over 500 articles, book chapters, and book reviews in journals such as Educational 
Leadership , The School Administrator , Young Child , Phi Delta Kappan, Public Relations 
Review , Middle School Journal of Educational Administration Peabodv Journal of 
Education , Journal of School Psychology , Journal of Educational Public Relations , etc. 


"Effective Programming at the District Level," Public Relations in Schools 

"Effective Programming at the Institutional Level," Public Relations in Educational 

"Planning in the Oklahoma City Public Schools," Educational Planning - Concepts, Strategies, 
and Practices. 

"Staff, District, and Community Support ," Instructional Leadership Handbook . (National Association 
of Secondary School Principals) 

Effective Schools Research: Practice and Promise (Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation) 

"One Model for Effective Educational Reforms in Schools," Organizing for Learning (National 
Association for Secondary School Principals) 

"Implications for Programmatic Excellence and Equity," The Fiscal, Legal and Political Aspects 
of State Reform of Elementary and Secondary Education . (Sixth Annual Yearbook of the 
American Education Finance Association) 

"Curriculum Planning," Fundamental Curriculum Decisions: ASCD Yearbook (Association for 
Supervision, and Curriculum Development) 

Effective Instructional Management (American Association of School Administrators) 

Educational Planning for Educational Success (Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation) 


Fulbright Memorial Foundation, (Scholar/Exchange to Japan, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil) Life Member 

Ohio University, Trustees Academy 

World Future Society, Life Member 

Ohio University Alumni Association 

National Eagle Scout Association, Life Member 

Tau Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association 

Society of Alumni & Friends, College of Education, Ohio University 
Ohio University College of Education, Dean's Advisory Circle, Vice-Chair 
Variety of local organizations 



Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development: Life Member, former President, 
Review Council 

American Association of School Administrators: Life Member, Leadership for Learning Award & 

Dr. Effie Jones Humanitarian Award 
Kappa Delta Pi, Life Member 
Phi Delta Kappa, Life Member 

National Association of Elementary School Principals, Life Member 
National Society for Study of Education 
Harvard University Chapter, Phi Delta Kappa 
Horace Mann League: Life Member, Past-President 
World Councii for Curriculum and Instruction, Life Member 
National Association for Education of Young Children, Life Member 
Music Educators National Conference, Life Member 
National Association for Gifted Children, Life Member 
National Councii for Teachers of English, Life Member 

North American Chapter of the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction, former President 
National Dropout Prevention Center/Network, Former Chairman of Board 
National School Public Relations Association 


Invited to join the Baldrige Board of Examiners in 2013 

Earned "Energy Star Leader" by EPA for all schools meeting energy star status 

Earned "Environmental Excellence Award", from Energy Education, Inc. in 2010, for saving ' 

$2,100,000 and again in 201 1 for saving another $2,000,000 (North Carolina) 
Selected for 4 Fulbright Administrator Exchanges for Brazil, Mexico, Argentina & Japan 
Awarded "Distinguished Service to Public Education" for promotion of technology by JFY Networks 
Earned "Energy Excellence Award", from Energy Education, Inc. (saving $1,000,000 in Taunton) 
Selected for Crystal Star Award for Excellence for Distinguished Service and Leadership by 

the National Dropout Prevention Network/Center 
Selected by AASA for "Dr. Effie Jones Humanitarian Award" 
Named to Who's Who Among American Teachers & Educators 

Selected for" 100 District Leaders for Civic Engagement and Service-Learning Network" by 

Education Commission of the States 
Selected as "Friend of Horace Mann League" 
Inducted into Academic Hall of Fame, Linden McKinley High School 
Named to Who's Who in Executives and Professionals 

Elected Chairman of the Board, National Dropout Prevention Center/Network at Ciemson U. 
Elected President of the Horace Mann League 

Listed in International Who's Who of Public Service 

Elected President of the North American Chapter of the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction 

Honored with Life Membership in New York State Congress of Parent Teachers Association 

Elected as Vice-President of the New York State Congress of Parent Teacher Association 

Elected to the Review Council of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 

Earned Horace Mann League Ambassador's Award every year from 1995 through 2011 

Received the Boston Bilingual Parents Council's "Commitment to Quality Bilingual Programs" Award 

Selected to be a member of the Advisory Board for Who's Who in American Education 

Elected President of Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 

Received Tau Kappa Epsiion Fraternity; National Aiumnus-of-Year, and Excellence in Education Award 

Chosen as a Mentor for Harvard University's Urban Superintendent Preparation Program 

Received Kappa Delta Pi Award for Excellence in Education 

Received Rotary International "Community Leadership" Award 


Recognized by Oklahoma City Principals' Association for "Visionary Leadership" 
Selected for Ohio University College of Education Award, Distinguished Alumnus Award 
Selected for "Leadership for Learning" Award, American Association of School Administrators 
Selected by The College Board to receive the Advanced Placement Special Recognition Award, 
Selected by Assistant Secretary of Education to serve on U.S. Department of Education's Urban 

Superintendents' Network 
Recognized by OKC PS Team Management Council with "Team Management Award" 
Selected for Silver Beaver Award, Last Frontier Council, Boy Scouts of America 
Recognized by the Oklahoma Cambodian Community for "Support & Assistance Award" 
Earned Rotary Club 29's Wheelhouse Award 

Acknowledged by the Oklahoma Laotian Women's Association for "Exceptional Leadership" 
Named by the Vietnamese-American Student Scholarship Award Committee as recipient for the 

"Support for Vietnamese-American Students Award" 
Received Oklahoma ASCD's Publication Award 
Received the Reading Award, Oklahoma Literacy Council 
Received the American Red Cross Appreciation Award 
Selected as Danforth Fellow 

Earned United Way's "Leadership Appreciation" Honor 

Selected for Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Alumni National Hall of Fame 

Selected for Leadership Oklahoma City 

Selected as one of five superintendents nationally for the Superintendent's Exchange Program 

established by American and Canadian Association of School Administrators 
Selected for Who's Who in the World 
Selected for Who's Who in America 

Selected for membership in the 43 rd Annual Superintendent's Work Conference at Teachers 

College, Columbia University 
Cited by Last Frontier Counci! Boy Scouts of America in "The Search for Excellence" 
Received American Institute of Architects, Oklahoma Chapter's "Special Award" 
Selected to be a member of the Advisory Board for Who's Who in the South and Southwest 
Selected for the Superintendent's Institute sponsored by Peabody College of Vanderbiit U, 
" Selected for Who's Who of Contemporary Achievement 
Listed in Who's Who in the South and Southwest 
Listed in International Who's Who of Intellectuals 
Listed in Who's Who in Finance and Industry 
Listed in Men of Achievement 
Listed in Who's Who in American Education 
Listed in Dictionary of International Biography 

Designed several brochures which received awards in annual contests sponsored by 

National School Public Relations Association 
Selected to attend The Freedoms Foundation seminar at Valley Forge, PA 
Selected as an Institute for Educational Leadership Policy Fellow 
Listed in Who's Who in the Midwest 
Listed in Who's Who in the East 
Selected as a HEW Fellow 

Selected as an ID/E/A Fellow by the Charles Kettering Foundation for seminar at Agnes Scott College 
Selected by the National Endowment for the Humanities as a Humanities Fellow 
Named Honorary Fellow in Education Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin.Madison 
Selected as an ID/E/A Fellow by the Charles Kettering Foundation to attend seminar at 

Stephens College 
Selected as an Outstanding Young Man in America by the U.S. Jaycees 
Recognized by the Ohio State Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa for "Outstanding Leadership" 

Dr. Matthew J. Stiehm 

01/2007 to Current * Consultant * Stiehm Solutions Consulting * Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Actively engage in criminal justice and law enforcement research as well as actively conducted research in campus 
safety/security; provide on-site consulting services for a variety of higher educational institutions; Developed positive relationships 
with clients and other stakeholders to include local iaw enforcement, civil and criminal attorneys, and private security 
organizations. Was utilized as a subject matter expert with local !aw enforcement in important criminal justice issues, public 
safety issues, and use of force issues. Have provided expert guidance and support to FLETC on training issues in rural 
communities, and tribal communities. Authored a variety of articles for an online bodyguard blog, and, currently working towards becoming a regular contributor for; consulted with 
businesses and private companies on security, strategic planning, developed training for hospitals and other security 
organizations. Traveled with the FLETC as a Domestic Violence Instructor and taught in Grand Island Nebraska. Successfully 
managed two active groups (MN LE Network and Law Enforcement Experts) Worked and consulted with Pearson 
Publishing on the creation of criminal justice classes 


S Presenting at the 201 3 MINN CLE Criminal Justice Institute-Topic-Use of Experts in Criminal Cases 
S Consulted with Attorney Ken Udoibok on Federal District Courts Case 

o 12-CV-824- William Walker v. City of Minneapolis 

o 12-CV-825- Tameka Johnson v. City of New Hope 

» Settlement reached with plaintiff prior to summary judgment 
s Consulted as law enforcement professional on a criminal case with Attorney Ryan Kaess 
S Criminal Justice Specialist ACICS Site Visit 

o Pembroke Pines-FL-Spring 2012 

o Puerto Rico, Spring 201 3 
J Interviewed by for Child Abuse Investigations 

o Posted on 11-27-12 
•/ interviewed by 

o Child Abuse Case 

o Campus Public Safety- Use of Force 

V Submitted-Managing Use of Force to Law Officer Magazine 

V Co-Editor- The Journal on Law Enforcement 

o Author of articles 
J Former Lead contributor to Law Enforcement Today on Leadership 
s Created, manage and maintain web-site 
J Created curriculum for Pearson Publishing a head of timelines 

o 3- residential courses- Criminal Investigations, Security Operations/Management, CJ Capstone 

o 1 online course- Criminal Investigations 
S Presented at the 201 1 1ACP Conference in Chicago 

V Created and presented material for the 201 1 Minnesota Career Colleges Association Conference 
S Consulted with local for-profit schools on security related issues 

V Presented at the 201 1 lACP Conference 

S Presented at the Park Law Enforcement Association Conference in 2013 

o Topic-Use of Force 

o Topic- Leadership 
■/ Presented at the 2013 Mid-America lACLEA Conference 

Academic Management/Leadership Experience 

01/2013 to Present * Chair, School of Criminal Justice * MSB College, Lakeviile & Shakopee, Minnesota 

Developed and managed the degree program that fall under the Criminal Justice School at Minnesota School of Business 
Lakeviile and Shakopee Campus; actively engaged in research and community outreach; provided input to Dean and Campus 
Director regarding the growth of program; acted as a liaison with the Criminal Justice Community and the school. I, developed 
positive relationships with clients and other stakeholders to include local law enforcement, corrections and private security 
organizations to effectively brand the program. Worked with local marketing groups to develop and expand the criminal justice 
program at MSB. 

09/2009 to 12/2009 * Chair, School of Criminal Justice and Security Coordinator * ITT Technical Institute, Eden Prairie Minnesota 

Developed and managed the degree programs that fall under the Criminal Justice School; chair department meetings; assist with 
recruitment and hiring of adjunct faculty; ensure that college policies and procedures are followed; actively engaged in research 
and community outreach; provided input to Dean and Campus Director regarding the growth of program; acted as a liaison with 
the Criminal Justice Community and the school. I, developed positive relationships with clients and other stakeholders to include 
local law enforcement, corrections and private security organizations to effectively brand the program. Worked with local 
marketing groups to develop and expand the criminal justice program at ITT Technical institute. Lead discussions with 
stakeholders to provide top quality information for students. Utilized as a subject matter expert in local law enforcement and 
criminal justice issues. Used as an ITT subject matter expert to modify existing curriculum. Submitted reports and proposed 
revisions to the Minnesota POST Board rules and regulations. Worked with local officials on roll out of ITT Criminal Justice 
curriculum and as well as other training events in the Minneapolis metro area. Provided guidance and support to FLETC on rural 
training issues. Consulted with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center on providing training the upper Midwest, and best 
ways to maximize attendance. Worked with admissions and careers services to maximize incoming and graduating students. 
Worked with academic team to deal with SAP, and other academic issues. 


■/ Successfully arranged for nine Federal Law Enforcement Training Center 

V Presented/chaired panel at the 201 1 Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Conference 

V Presented in front of the Minnesota POST Board Training Committee 
S Presented in front of the Minnesota Law Enforcement Coordinators 

V Presented in front of the Minnesota POST Board 

J Created and fostered working relationship with employees for career placement for potential graduates 

o Whelan Security, Per Mar Security, Guardsmark Security 
s Arranged for approximately $350,000 dollars worth of free/grant funded training for area law enforcement officers 
/ Provided guidance and support to managers and campus directors regarding OSHA, work related injuries 
J Conducted a in depth internal investigations related information to the director and regional director 
J Provided as primary contact for all security and emergency related matters 
s Prepared local criminal justice program for ACICS Site Visit-successful passed 
•/ Worked with Academic Affairs on 2012 ACICS Accreditation Visit 
J Chaired the 2012 MCCA Professional Deveiopment Conference 

o Coordinated 13 different breakout sessions 

o Managed the development of the program 

05/2008 to 12/2008 * Assistant Dean of Education * Brown College. Mendota Heights Minnesota 

Provide faculty development and learning opportunities for residential and on campus instructors; lead faculty development 
committee; lead the development of the Brown College catalog and subsequent revisions; assist the Dean of Education in 
planned distance education initiatives; work with assessment coordinator to develop measures for online education; deal with 
faculty, student and staff concerns as appropriate; work with marketing department to determine potential revenue streams for 
Brown College. 


•/ Developed policies and procedures for compliance with Federal ADA act 

V Chaired academic appeals committee 

/ Developed professional development for faculty teaching online/residential 

S Developed policies and procedures for an appeals committee 

S Championed professional development for all employees 

✓ Prepared materials to be current with ACCSC Accreditation Standards 

S Ensured that online classes followed ACCSC Accreditation Standards 

01/2007 to 05/2008 4 Chair of Professional Studies Department * Leech Lake Tribal College, Cass Lake Minnesota 
1 0/2005 to 05/2008 * Law Enforcement Program Coordinator * Leech Lake Tribal College, Cass Lake Minnesota 

Development and management of degree programs that fall under the Professional Studies Division; chair department meetings, 
and keep minutes; assist with recruitment and hiring of adjunct faculty; ensure that college policies and procedures are followed; 
actively engage in research and grant writing; provide input and assistance to Dean and Assistant Vice President regarding the 
growth of programs; act as a liaison with the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe 

Assist faculty in the development of course curriculum; market and promote the program to local high schools; conduct student 
background-checks; help students with course scheduling and transfer of credits; post jobs for students in law enforcement and 
other criminal justice career fields; coordinate meetings for the local law enforcement agencies; develop continuing education 
classes for current officers, social workers and other criminal justice professionals; attend and became active in local groups 
dealing with criminal justice and law enforcement issues; researched and submitted Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and 
Training application to provide police officer education in Minnesota: provisional status granted to Leech Lake Tribal College on 
January 26, 2007 full status in the spring of 2008 


S Successfully applied to the Minnesota POST Board for PPOE Status 

S Successfully developed, prepared and presented material for a MN POST site-visit 

S Presented before the MN POST Board 

S Presented before the Leech Lake Tribal Council 

s Presented before the Red Lake Tribal Government- Law Enforcement Commission 

S Drafted training contracts for the White Earth Tribal Government 

✓ Created trainings for the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe 

S Facilitated meetings between tribal, state and county governments 

/ Developed policies and procedures for the law enforcement program 

s Developed recruitment strategies for law enforcement students 

•/ Developed policies and procedures for Leech Lake Tribal College campus security 

/ Acted as a subject matter expert on law enforcement training In Indian Country 

v Located for approximately $500,000 dollars worth of free government training for law enforcement officers 

S Invited to New Mexico to speak on Tribal Law Enforcement Issues by BJA 

Adjunct Instructor Position 

05/2012-Present: Associate Professor-Saint Mary's University-Teaching Organizational Effectiveness to Ed.D Students- Blended 
05/2012-Present: Instructor-National American University Online-Teaching- Course Introduction to Criminal Justice-Online 
01/2013-April 2013: Globe University- Teaching MBA Classes 
09/2009-12/2009: instructor-Century College-Taught Community Poticing-Online 

06/2004-03/2005: Instructor-Rasmussen College-Taught- Intro to Corrections, Criminal Justice, and Comm. Policing- Residential 

Investigative Experience 

7/2004 to 6/2005 * Police Officer * City of Dundas Police Department, Dundas Minnesota 

Patrolled the city in a proactive manner; conducted criminal investigations at the misdemeanor and felony level; secured and 
recovered evidence from crime scenes; acted as a liaison with other agencies during on-going investigations; maintained detailed 
written reports documenting criminal activity; acted as a first responder to all medical emergencies. 

12/2001 to 7/2004 * Police Officer * City of Gothenburg Police Department, Gothenburg Nebraska 

Patrolled the city in a proactive manner; conducted criminal investigations at the misdemeanor and felony level; secured and 
recovered evidence from crime scenes; acted as a liaison with other agencies during on-going investigations; created and 
coordinated activities for schools and within the community; maintained detailed written reports documenting criminal activity; 
acted as a first responder to all medical emergencies 


✓ Developed policy and procedures for regional child abuse teams 
/ Developed school policies for the investigation of child abuse 

/ Developed model policies for area clinics and hospitals 

•/ Provide training and support regarding the investigation of child abuse to local hospitals and clinics 

S Developed a positive working relationship with local media-directly impacted 9 news articles 

■/ Developed, planned and implemented training and youth programs at the elementary school 

^ Re-established the police mountain bike patrol unit 

•/ Acted at the primary contact for all child abuse/neglect and sex assault cases 

/ Developed and implemented a working relationship with local health and human services investigators 

✓ Maintain a clearance rate of approximately 45% on all crimes 
■/ Created, and promoted a local citizens police academy 

9/2000 to 12/2001 * Police Officer * Los Angeles County Police, Los Angeles California 

Patrolled assianed area in a proactive manner; conducted traffic enforcement, and criminal enforcement; maintained evidence for 
^S^A^^. acted as a liaison between Los Angeles County and the public; kept detailed records of 
contacts during all criminal investigations; wrote all reports as needed 

9/2004 to 10/2005 * Loss Prevention Manager* Kmart, Dundas Minnesota 

Responsible for detecting, reporting, and resolving all issues related to Loss Preventon ^^^^^^^ 
in training store associates on all shrink reduction and inventory Preparation programs. Supervised and trained Loss Prevention 



Ed.D in Educational Leadership * Argosy University, Twin Cities Minnesota * December 2010 

M S in Criminal Justice Administration * Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg Missouri May 2005 

Basic Police Academy * Rio Hondo College, Whittier California * February 2001 

B.S. in Social Science * Wayne State College, Wayne Nebraska * May 1 999 

Certified Litigations Specialist * Americans for Effectiveness in Law Enforcement April 201 3 

Accreditation Experience 

Leech Lake Tribal College- Hiqher Learning Commission- subcommittee and part of initial accreditation 

Sch Lake Tribal College- Peace Officer Standards and Training Board- Program specific Minnesota Law Enforcement 

Brown College- ACCSC- Online Programmatic Manager 

ITT Technical Institute- ACICS- Programmatic accreditation-on-site visitfmatenal preparation 
ACICS- Criminal Justice Peer Evaluator 

Drafted White Paper to the Minnesota POST Board on accreditation 

Textbook Proposals 

Security-Past, Present and the Future - in proposal phase 
Criminal Justice Careers - in proposal phase 

Media Appearances 

April 2012- Child Abuse Investigations -. Five minute inten/iewwith Betsy B. Smith on Child Abuse Investigations 
during the 2012 ILEETA Conference 11-28-12 

Indian Country News (2008) Leech Lake Tribal College adds security training 

Gothenburg Times-Print Media 

Barrett, E. (2004) School prepped about child abuse-local police officer tries to get eveiyone on the same page 

Barrett, E. (2004) MIP, Juvenile, DWI Arrests Increase Gothenburg. 

Barrett, E. (2003) Medical personnel get does of abuse training forensic interview specialist tells what to look for in cases 
Barrett, E. (2003) Adults target in underage drinking project 
Barrett, E. (2003) Local child abuse/neglect to be dealt with by team 
Barrett, E. (2003) Law enforcement officials carry the torch 
Barrett, E. (2003) Police officer offers safety tips for kids, parents 

Egenberger, D. (2003) Police academy to offer more than career training-department still gauging interest 

Personal Research Projects 

Non-Sworn Park Law Enforcement Officers/Agents 

College Security Officers/Public Safety Officers (non-sworn) Use of Force 

For-Profit Education and Campus Safety/Security 

Educational Accreditation 

Tasers and Use of Force 

Expertise in Law Enforcement 

Apologies in limiting lawsuits 

Service to Community 

06/2012 to Present * Clerv Center for Security on Campus-Advisory Board Member 

08/201 1 to Present * Minnesota Office of Justice Programs- Crime Victims Conference-Committee member 

05/201 1 to Present * Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee-MN Hockey * Member 

05/201 1 to 01/2012 * Minnesota School of Business- Advisory Committee * Member 

08/2012 to 12/2012 * Minnesota Career College Association Professional Development Sub-Committee * Acting-Chair 
1 0/201 1 to 1 1/2012 * Law Enforcement Family Support Network * Vice President 

09/2009 to 08/2012 * Minnesota Career College Association Professional Development Sub-Committee * Member 

03/2010to 10/2011 * Law Enforcement Family Support Network * Treasurer 

09/2010 to 03/2010 * Law Enforcement Family Support Network * Member 

6/2008 to 12/2008 * Minnesota Career College Association * Professional Development * Member 

2/2008 to 5/2008 * Sexual Assault Program of Beltrami, Cass and Hubbard Counties * Interim Chair 

1 1/2007 to 2/2008 * Sexual Assault Program of Beltrami, Cass and Hubbard Counties * Treasurer 

8/2006 to1 1/2007 * Sexual Assault Program of Beltrami, Cass and Hubbard Counties * Vice Chair 

2/2006 to 8/2006 * Sexual Assault Program of Beltrami, Cass and Hubbard Counties * Board Member 

10/2005 to 4/2008 * Cass Lake Weed and Seeding Steering Committee * Steering Committee Member 

1/2006 to 5/2006 * Sexual Assault Task Force * Member 

Honors, Awards, Commendations, Scholarships 

Certificate of Appreciation Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, 2012 

Certificate of Appreciation Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, 201 1 

Certificate of Appreciation Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, 201 1 

Certificate of Appreciation Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, 2010 

Award of Service to Cass Lake Weed and Seed, 2008 

Certificate of Recognition, Cass Lake Weed and Seed, 2008 

Certificate of Appreciation, Cass Lake Weed and Seed, 2008 

Certificate of Appreciation Cass Lake Weed and Seed, 2007 

Tribal Land Methamphetamine Training Focus Group: Subject Matter Expert, 2006 

Certificate of Appreciation from Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, 2006 

1 st Annual Topsy Turvy Award: Los Angeles County Police, 2001 

Professional Associations 

Police Executive Research Forum- (PERF) Subscribing Member 

International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association-Member 

International Association of Chiefs of Police-Associate Member 

iACP- Indian Country Section-Member 

Infragard-Minneapolis Chapter-Member 

Minnesota Police Chiefs Association- Supporting Member 

International Association of Interviewers-Charter Member 

Federal Bureau of Investigations-LEEDA Member-expired 

Mid-West Criminal Justice Association-Member-expired 

Meetings Facilitated 

1 1/2007: Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Child Welfare Office and other Band Division: concentrated on internal protocols 
and procedures for the intake of children in the social services, survey created and research conducted 

5/2007: Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe and other criminal justice professionals in the Ninth Judicial District: focused on the 
Indian Child Welfare Act 

Request for Proposals 

201 1- Washington State- Ciery Compliance Training 

2012- City of St. Louis Park Minnesota- Public Safety Analysis 

2012- City of Newburgh New York- Police Consultant Study 

2013- City of Cloquet, Minnesota- Law Enforcement Analysis 
2013- Amber Charter School- New York- Security Assessment 
2013- Minneapolis Park Police Chief- Executive Search 

Grants Written 

Privation Foundation Grants 
Annie Casey Foundation 
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad 
Burger King 

State Grants 

Minnesota Office of Justice Programs Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee 
Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Program- FUNDED 

Federal Grants 
Weed Seed Initiative 

Training and Technical Assistance Gang Program 

Assisted with part of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe COPS Grant- FUNDED 

Books Reviewed 

Whitehead, J, & Dodson, K, (n.d) Exploring Corrections in American, Anderson Publishing 

Official Correspondences 

01/201 1 : Communication with the Minnesota POST Board- Accreditation 

09/2010: Communication with the Minnesota POST Board Training Committee-Accreditation 

01/2009: Phone call with Malcolm Jones FLETC Division Chief of Office of State and Local Training 

12/2008: Letter to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in regards to Indian Country Law Enforcement Training 

06/2007: Letter to the VAWA Office in Washington D.C. regarding Domestic Violence in Indian Country Training 

06/2008: Communication with Metro State University regarding an Articulation Agreement 

06/2008: Communication with Concordia Saint Paul regarding an Articulation Agreement 

1 1/2006: Application to Minnesota POST Board for Leech Lake Tribal Colleges PPOE 

Published Articles 

Stiehm, M. (2011) Professional Development, information posted 

Stiehm, M. (2011) interview and Interrogation, information posted on 

Stiehm, M. (2011) Leadership. Information posted on 

Stiehm, M. (2011) Retirement. Information posted on 

Stiehm, M. (201 1) Piece of paper. Information posted for 

Stiehm, M. (2011) Use of Force. Information pending 

Stiehm, M. (2011) Leadership. Information posted 

Stiehm, M. (2011) Lessons Learned from Randy Pausch posted on 

Stiehm, M. (201 1) Transformation and Servant Leadership posted on 

Stiehm, M. (2011) Criminal Justice Education posted on 

Stiehm, M. (201 1) Campus Perception of Crime posted on 

Stiehm, M. (201 1) The Past, Present and Future of Law Enforcement posted on 

Stiehm, M. (2011) Campus Safety II posted on 

Stiehm, M. (201 1) Organizational Assessment posted on 

Stiehm, M. (2011) Educational Degrees posted on 

Stiehm, M. (2011) Professional Networking posted 

Stiehm, M. (2011) Child Abuse Investigations posted on 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Below 100 posted on 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Below 100 posted on 
Stiehm, M. (2012) Careers posted on 
Stiehm, M. (2012) Leadership posted 
Stiehm, M. (2012) Branding you pending on 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Lessons Learned from Randy Pausch Achieving Childhood Dreams posted on iawenforcemetoday. 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Peels Principles pending on 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Your Legacy, Past, Present, and Future posted on 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Expertise 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Program Evaluation pending on 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Law Enforcement-Trust, and Self Governance 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Leading and Managing Change- New Approaches on 

Stiehm, M. (2012) 

Stiehm, M, (2012) Retirement on 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Use of Force, ILEETA journal (pending) 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Organizational Assessment www, 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Child Abuse Investigations pending 

Stiehm, M. (2012) IA Investigations pending 

Stiehm, M. (2012) A Cup of Coffee 

Stiehm, M. (2012) ILEETA Legacy Project- ILEETA Journal pending 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Training, Friends and an Eating Challenge? 
Stiehm, M. (2012) Truth, Justice and the American Way 
Stiehm, M. (2012) 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Book Review-Never Eat Alone by K. Ferrazzi-The Journal of Law Enforcement 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Non-Sworn Park Law Enforcement Officers and Use of Force- The Journal of Law Enforcement 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Succession Planning in Park Law Enforcement Association-(pending) 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Crime Perceptions Park Law Enforcement Association (pending) 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Child Abuse Investigations-The Journal of Law Enforcement 

Stiehm, M. f2012) Campus Safety and Security Use of Force of Non-Sworn-IACLEA Journal 

Stiehm, M. (2012) Misdemeanor Child Abuse 

Stiehm. M. (2013) Strategic Planning for Small and Medium Sized Police Departments (04-11-13) 

Stiehm, M. (2013) For-profit instructors a time for a paradigm shift (completed) 

Stiehm, M. (2013) Managing Use of Force Incidents (completed) Law and Order Magazine-pending 

Stiehm, M. (2013) Continuum Based V. Constitutional Based Force Training-(in progress) 

Stiehm, M. (2013) Training Exce!lence-(in progress) 

Stiehm, M. (2013) Expertise in Criminal and Civil Litigation (in-progress) 

Stiehm, M. (2013) Honoring the Law Enforcement Botherhood 

Stiehm, M. (2013) I'm Sorry (working title, in progress) 

Stiehm, M. (2013) Higher Education and Consent Decrees (working title, in progress) 
Stiehm, M. (2013) Would Tom Swift Approve the Use of the "Taser" Today 

Dissertations Committees 

Martin, T. (201 1) School safety in higher education: Perceptions of Safety at The University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire 

Professional Consultations 

12/2012: Minnetonka - Clear Springs Elementary School- Security Review and Lock Down Procedures 
12/2012: Ryan Kaess Attorney at Law-Criminal Case-Expert Review 
2/2012: Pearson Publishing- Criminal Justice Forensic Capstone Class 

1/2012: Proposal with international training organization on Leadership Management in Investigations 

1/2012: Pearson Publishing- Criminal Justice Curriculum Development- Online Criminal Investigations 

1 1/201 1 : Pearson Publishing- Criminal Justice Curriculum Development- Security Management 

9/201 1: Pearson Publishing- Criminal Justice Curriculum Development- Criminal Investigations 

5/2009: Chris Grant Consulting: Development of a Sexual Assault Investigation Course 

4/2009: Consulted with a Real Estate Association Program 

4/2009: Chris Grant Consulting: Development of a Domestic Violence Course 

3/2009: Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Domestic Vioience Instructor Training Program, 

2/2009: Leech Lake Tribal College, Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Grant Review 

1/2009: Safety and Security Presentation for McNally Smith 

1 1/2008: McNally Smith Campus Security Site visit and Recommendations 

11/2008: Private College Campus Security Evaluation and Report 

8/2008: Health East: Interview and Interrogation Training and Use of force consulting 

7/2008: Health East: Interview and interrogation Training and Use of force consulting 

4/2007: Leech Lake Tribal College: security needs in response to the Virginia Tech Shooting 

3/2007: Leech Lake Gaming Northern Lights: General security officer safety in a casino environment 

2/2007: Leech Lake Gaming Paiace Casino: General security officer safety in a casino environment 

1 /2007: Ninth District Public Defenders Office: Front desk consultation and review of office areas for general safety 

9/2006: Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Health Division: General safety consultation for front line health workers 

3/2006: BUG School Security: Response to general security issues at the school 

Trainings Coordinated 

05/2013: ALiCE Training 

01/2012: FLETC-Digital Photography 

01/2012: FLETC-Use of Force Instructor Update 

1 1/201 1 : FLETC-Winning Mind with Brian Willis 

10/2011: Under Cover Operations 

04/2011: FLETC-lntelligence-Led Policing for Rural Executives 

04/201 1 : Identity Theft Training with Life Lock 

03/2011: Pharmaceutical Diversion Training 

02/2011: FLETC-Drug Law Enforcement Training Program 

01/2011: FLETC-First Responder Training Program 

11/2010: FLETC- Anti-Terrorism intelligence Awareness Training Program 

10/2010: Scenario-Based Executive Level Training-FEMA AWR-201 

06/2009: introduction to islamic Terrorism with Multijurisdictionai Counterdrug Task Force Training 

05/2008: State and Locai Anti-Terrorism Training with institute for intergovernmental Research 

03/2008: Courtroom Testimony with Multijurisdictionai Counterdrug Task Force Training 

09/2007: Financial Investigative Techniques with Multijurisdictionai Counterdrug Task Force Training 

09/2007: Pharmaceutical Investigations with Multijurisdictionai Counterdrug Task Force Training 

08/2007: Undercover Operations with Multijurisdictionai Counterdrug Task Force Training 

06/2007: Child Protection Training with the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe 

05/2007: Patrol Interdiction with Multijurisdictionai Counterdrug Task Force Training 

04/2007: Analytical Investigative Techniques with Multijurisdictionai Counterdrug Task Force Training 

03/2007: Criminal Street Gangs with Multijurisdictionai Counterdrug Task Force Training 

03/2007: First Responder Training with Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe 

03/2007: First Responder Refresher Training with Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe 

12/2006: First Responder Training with Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe 

1 2/2006: First Responder Refresher with Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe 

07/2006: State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training with Institute for Intergovernmental Research 

06/2006; G.R.E.A.T. Officer Training with Mid-West G.R.E.A.T 

06/2006: Arson Investigation with Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension 

05/2006: Forensic Interview Training with First Witness 

05/2005: Community Emergency Response Team with Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe 
03/2006: Crime Scene Investigation with Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension 

Formal Professional Presentations 

08/2013: Using Experts in Criminal Litigation- MN Criminal Justice Institute-CLE's 

04/2013: Mid America lACLEA-Your Legacy-Succession Planning and Mentoring 

01/2013: Park Law Enforcement Conference Managing Use of Force 

06/2012: ITT Technical institute-Your Succession Planning and Mentoring 

06/2012: ITT Technical Institute- Interview and Interrogation for Security Officers 

04/2012: ILEETA Conference- Your Legacy-Succession Planning and Mentoring 

1 0/201 1 : National Ranger Mini-Institute- Your Legacy-Succession Planning and Mentoring 

10/2011: National Ranger Mini-Institute- Interview and interrogation 

10/2011: MCCA Conference- Your Legacy-Succession Planning and Mentoring 

1 0/201 1 : IACP Conference-Chicago Presenter-Law Enforcement Family Support Network 

1 0/201 1 : Chair-Panel Discussion at Midwest Criminal Justice Association on Security/Safety 

06/201 1 : MN IACLEA Conference - Community Policing on College Campuses 

04/201 1 : ILEETA Conference- Police Officer to College Instructor 

10/2010: Minnesota Career Colleges Association-Personal Security 

10/2010: Minnesota POST Board Training Committee-Accreditation 

08/2009: American Correctional Association Conference: Professional to College Instructor 

04/2009: ILEETA Conference, Law Enforcement Trainer to College Instructor 
03/2009: FLETC DVfTP in Grand Island Nebraska 

03/2009: South Metro Public Safety Training Center, Law Enforcement Trainer to College Instructor 

01/2009: McNally Smith School of Music, Safety Presentation 

1 1/2008: Minnesota Career Colleges Association 

06/2008: Brown College, Safety Presentation 

02/2008: Health East, Security Consulting 

1 1/2007: Leech Lake Tribal Police and Social Workers Meeting 

10/2007 thru 12/2007: Minnesota Job Skills Security Officer I 

08/2008: ICWA Interview Training 

06/2007: ICWA Personal Safety 

03/2007: ICWA/Child Abuse Training 

03/2007: Presentations at Concordia University, Various Topics 

03/2007: Presentation to Leech Lake Gaming, Security 

02/2007: Presentation to Minnesota Job Skill Partnership 

02/2007: Leech Lake Gaming, Safety Presentation 

01/2007: Ninth District Office Staff, Front Desk Safety Presentation 

01/2007: Presentation to the Minnesota POST Board 

11/2007: Leech Lake Police, Interview/Interrogation 

11/2006: Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, Safety Presentation 

10/2006: Ninth District Public Defenders, Safety Presentation 

10/2006: Open program, Interview/Interrogation 

09/2006: LLBO Health Division, Safety Training 

05/2006: BSU Continuing Education Conference, Peace Officer Rights 

03/2006: Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig School, Security Awareness and Use of Force 

03/1 999: Ethics of Deception in Undercover Operations- Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences 

03/1999: Roundtable-ACJS-Co mm unity Service and Service Learning 

Trainings Created 

Criminal Justice Capstone-Contractor Pearson Publishing 
Criminal Investigations Residential Course-Contractor Pearson Publishing 
Security Manage-Residential Course-Contractor Pearson Publishing 
Criminal Investigations-Online-Contractor Pearson Publishing 
Evaluation to achieve success 

Community Policing and Implementation on a College Campus 

Your Legacy-Succession Planning and Mentoring 

Community Policing on a College Campus 

Professional to College Instructor 

Sexual Assault Investigations-CMG Consulting/Contractor 

Domestic Violence-CMG Consulting/Contractor 

Train the Trainer 

Leadership and Discipline 


Documentation and Report Writing 

Protecting the Customer 

Protecting the Assets 

Radio Procedures 

Public Relations 

Ethics and Professional Conduct 

Report Writing 

ICWA Social Worker Interview School 

Safety Presentation: ICWA Employees 

Complaint Investigation 

Child Abuse 

Force Options 

High Risk Stops 

i nterview/l nterro gatio n 

Leadership for First Line Law Enforcement Supervisors 

ICWA/Child Abuse 

Safety Presentation: Security Officers 

Safety Presentation: Ninth District investigators 

Safety Presentation: LLBO Health Division' Employees 

Front Desk Safety Presentation: Ninth District Front Desk Employees 

Law Enforcement Training 


Kinesic interview & interrogations 
Course on Scientific Content Analysis, 
L.S.I. Advanced Workshop, 
Small Voices: Child interviewing 
Reid interviewing 
Field Training Officer 
Arson investigations 
SLATT Tribal Lands Terrorism Briefing 
Analytical Investigative Techniques 
Interview and Interrogation 
Practical Homicide Investigation 
Patrol Interdiction 
Undercover Operations 
Pharmaceutical Drug Investigations 
Financial Investigative Techniques 
Courtroom Testimony 

UMCPI Internal Affairs Investigators Course 
Conducting Death investigations (Sept 201 3) 

Use of Force 

AELE-Certified Litigations Spec. 
AELE-Lethal and Less Lethal Use of Force 
AELE-Discipiine and Internal Investigations 
AELE-Managing Use of Force 
ALiCE Instructor Training Certification 
Minnesota Police Liabiiity- 

L.E.A.D.S -LE Active Diffusion Strategies (July 2013) 
Officer involved Shooting by PATC (August 2013) 

Force Science Institute Training-Madison Police Department (October 2013) 

Use of Force Instructor Program 

Use of Force Instructor Update-FLETC-RPl 

Pressure Point and Control Tactics Instructor Training Program (exp cert) 
Rape Aggression Defense Instructor Program (exp cert) 

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center 
Domestic Violence Instructor Training Program 
Domestic Violence Indian Country Training Program 
Domestic Violence Indian Country Instructor Training Program 

Leadership Academy 

MN Chiefs Chief Law Enforcement Officer and Command School 
FBI Law Enforcement Executive Developments Seminar 
SBLET- Executive Leadership 
Field Training Associations-FTO Training Certification 

Minnesota Homeland Security Training 

05/2007: G801 Minnesota National Incident Management 
01/2009: HSEEP-Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program 
02/2009: ICS300 intermediate Incident Command System 
03/2009: 1CS400 Advanced Incident Command System 

Churchill, Susan [DAS] 





Joelle Stolt e^MMWWWBWWMff^ 

Friday, May 31, 2013 2:19 PM 
Churchill, Susan [DAS] 

resumeNew Joelle[l].docx; JOELLE M References (2)[l].docx 


Blue Category 

Susan Churchill 

Iowa Department of Administrative Services 
Hoover State Office Building 
1305 East Walnut, Level A 
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0150 
Fax: 515-281-6450 

Dear Ms. Churchill 

I am a motivated, enthusiastic individual, who is interested in being part of the Iowa Department of Administrative 
Services. I have applied on-line for the above listed job position posted on your website and would like to attach 
additional documentation for review. 

The position offers a great opportunity to utilize a combination of skills and experiences that I have 
gained throughout my career. With my wide range of experiences in the medical field, wellness 
industry, and more recently public health, I believe that I would bring to the position a fresh 
perspective and effective supervisory skills that would be an asset to your organization. 
I am currently the laboratory supervisor for the Polk County Health Department. I manager all 
aspects of the county health department laboratory including but not limited to, STD testing, 
Chronic and acute disease indicators, and communicable disease testing. We are a CLIA 
accredited laboratory and perform a range of waived to high complexity testing within our facility. 
We also work very closely with the State Hygienic Laboratory, other area reference labs, and local 
medical facilities. I am also the program manager for the Metropolitan Partnership for Lead Safe 
Housing and the Program Director for our Lead Hazard Control Grant for Polk County. I oversee 
eight full time staff, under two different programs for the local health department. 
Prior, I worked for the Iowa Department of Public Health, in the environmental health division, 
managing two state programs. I performed home inspections and was responsible for case 
management for nine counties across the state, and was the contact person for 1 3 local programs. 
In addition I have worked in the medical field for over 19 years. My experience ranges from 
research, clinical medicine, wellness, safety training, and public health. 
I currently have a Masters Degree in Public Health from Des Moines University and bachelors in 
Biology from Simpson College. I also recently began a PhD program in Public Health with an 
emphasis in epidemiology at Walden University. 

Experience Summary: 

Program Manager/Program Director for Lead Hazard Control Program/ Lead Poisoning prevention. 


[Manage and oversee all aspects of county health department laboratory. 

Epidemiological experience in regard to laboratory testing and statistical and data analysis for 

public health. 

Familiar with Health Care Reform, Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and Medicare and various other 
health care billing and insurance agencies. 

Outreach and education. Responsible for educating the public, working directly with families and 
also with professionals to prevent health risks and minimize acute and chronic disease. 
Certification and training manager for all Iowa Approved Lead Training Providers according to EPA 
and CDC federal regulations. 

I have performed audits, provide training materials, and update training curriculums to abide by 
Iowa administrative codes. 

I have managed the EPA RRP and pre-renovation environmental safety notification rule for the 
state of Iowa. Working directly with contractors and landlords to ensure they are in compliance with 
state lead safe regulations. 

Environmental Specialist Senior/Certified Lead inspector/Risk Assessor, and Healthy Homes 

I am a Medical Laboratory Technician board certified through the American Society of Clinical 

Wellness professional- experiences as a personal Trainer, wellness coach, and certified Yoga 
Instructor by the American Council on Exercise. 

I am thrilled to find an opportunity and position that could combine my skills and experience. 

Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, 
Joeile M Stolte, MPH, MLT (ASCP) 

Laboratory Supervisor/Lead Program Manager 

Polk County Health Department 

Joelle Stolte, MPH (ASCP) 
Laboratory Supervisor 

Lab Services/Lead Poisoning Prevention Program 

Joelle M. Stolte M.P.H. (ASCP] 


To obtain a challenging and progressive career that utilizes my achievements, skills, strategic thinking, and 
leadership abilities. 

Results oriented, detailed professional, with work experience in a variety of disciplines. Including management 
in state and local public health, clinical and community based medicine, research, laboratory science, wellness 
education, and health coaching. A dedicated public health professional devoted to protecting people, their 
health, and the environment 


Date of Employment : December 2010 
Polk County Health Department 
Des Moines, IA 

Health Program Manager/Clinical Laboratory Supervisor 

■ Clinical Laboratory Supervisor for Local Health Department High Complexity CLIA Accredited 

■ Additionally Program Director/ Manager for HUD Grant funded Lead Hazard Control and Healthy 
Homes Program 

■ Oversee nine full time staff for two different programs within the local health department. 

■ Direct and manage all aspects of the clinical laboratory services and also a HUD grant funded and 
County matched program for lead hazard control and Healthy Homes. I am also the program supervisor 
for the CDC/State contracted Childhood lead poisoning prevention program (CLPPP) for the local health 


Date of Employment : July 2006 
Iowa Department of Public Health 
Des Moines, IA 

Environmental Specialist Senior/EPA Program Manager 

■ Program Manager for two EPA federally funded Programs for the State Health Department. Managed 
all aspects of the RRP and PRE EPA Programs within the environmental health division. 

■ Program Manager for the state approved Lead Training and Certification Program. Managed 30 
Certified Training Provider Firms across the state. 

■ Conducted Audits and Training on Lead Certified professional's to ensure they were in compliance 
with all federal and state policy regulations. 

■ Pb Inspector/Risk Assessor/Case Manager. Main contact responsible for managing CLPPP Programs in 
nine other counties across the state of Iowa 

Joelle M. Stolte MPH (ASCP] 


Date of Employment : June 2005 

Mercy Medical Center / Mercy Medical wellness Center 

Des Moines Iowa 

Microbiologist -FT/Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach-PT 

■ Microbiologist technologist for the microbiology laboratory within the main Medical Hospital. 

■ Conducted bacteriology and virology disease investigation for hospital patient population. 

■ Reported normal, abnormal, and critical results to aid in the prevention of disease and support 
treatment and medical procedures to Hospital physicians, nurses, and applicable medical 
professionals as appropriate. Data entry and report reviews into main medial electronic records 

« Additionally part time health and wellness coach for the hospital fitness facility. Instructed patients, 
employees, and participant in safe, health physical activities to aid in the prevention of chronic 
disease, and encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors. 


Date of Employment : January 1997 
R&D Systems 
Minneapolis, MN 

Quality Control Research Technologist 

■ Quality Control Technologist that performed Laboratory Testing procedures to aid in the research of 
Cancer Prevention 

■ Performed and tested to ensure quality control and quality assurance on ELISA, Enzyme 
immunoassays that examined enzymes and human biological response related to disease. 

" Generated and reported Data Analysis on Testing Procedures. 


Dates of Attendance: 2/1/2012 Toll/1/2014 
Walden University Mpls, M.N. 
PhD in Epidemiology/ Public Health 
College of Health Sciences 

Dates of Attendance: 8/1/2007 To 12/1/2011 

Des Moines University Osteopathic School of Medicine, Des Moines, 1A 

Master In Public Health (MPH) 

College of Health Science 

Joelle M. Stolte MPH (ASCP) 

Dates of Attendance; 8/1/2004 To 5/1/2007 
Simpson College, Indianola, IA 
Bachelors of Art Degree in Biology 
Biology Department 
Pre-Med Emphasis 
Minor in Psychology 

Dates of Attendance: 8/1/1991 To 5/1/1993 
St Paul Community College, St. Paul, M.N. 
Associate of Applied Science (MLT) 
Medical Laboratory Technician {ASCP} 

Board certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists 

• Member of the Iowa Public Health Association (IPHA) 

• Member of the American Public Health Association (APHA) 

• Member of the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) 

• Member of the Iowa Coalition against Domestic Violence 

• National Incident Management System Certification (NIMS) -Safety Officer for PCHD 
FEMA Emergency Preparedness Training In: ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-300, ICS-400, ICS-700 

• Certified Healthy Homes Specialist (HHS) 

• Member of National Environmental Health Organization (NEHA) 

• Certified Quality Improvement Chatnpion-Multi State Learning Collaborative (MLC) 

• Licensed Certified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor /Sampling Technician (IDPH) 

• Certified Lead Abatement Contractor 

• Board Certified Laboratory Professional by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists 

• Trained In H1PPA Compliance 

• Blood Borne Pathogen and Infection Control Training 

• CPR Certified for Adult and Pediatric Care (American Heart Association) 

• Certified Personal Trainer ACE (American Council on Exercise) 

• Certified Wellness Coach in Yoga, Spinning, and weight lifting training /Specialty Exercise therapy 

• Apex Nutrition Certified 

• Ability to speak basic Spanish (3 years of Spanish Intermediate level) 

March 9, 2012. Quality Improvement Training-Polk County planning team and community members. 
March 2, 2012. Heaithy Polk. Prevention Wellness Stakeholder Gathering. Des Moines, IA. 
SUune, 22, 2011. EPA Regulations for Lead Safe Renovation for Iowa Builders-Iowa Home Builders Association. 

Joelle M. Stolte MPH (ASCP) 

October 20, 2008. How to Protect Your Family and Your Environment from Lead Poisoning -Muscatine Landlords 

November 18, 2010. Federal and State Regulations pertaining Iowa Administrative Code 641 chapters 68-70- Iowa 
Landlord Association Seminar and Trade Show. 

January 13, 2010. EPA Lead Renovation, Remodeling and Painting Rules; An Iowa Update-Ames Home Builders 

April 20, 2010. New Federal and State Lead Rules. Working towards CEU credits for Plumbers and Contractors-Plumbing 
and Mechanical Systems Board Meeting, iowa State Plumbing and Mechanical Board. 

May 2010. Workshop and Training Seminar Breakout session for State Lead Safe Renovation Ruies-Pella Pro Expo, Rock 
Island Illinois. 

May 2010. EPA Region 7 State News Updates- Kansas City, Kansas. . 

April 2010. Working together to implement Lead Safe Renovation State and Federal Regulations.- Iowa Housing Officials- 
Des Moines Botanical Center. 

2009 and 2010. EPA Regulations for Lead Safe Renovation for Iowa Workshop and Training Seminar Breakout session for 
State Lead Safe Renovation Rules. Iowa Governors Conference. 

2009- EPA, HUD, and State Regulations for Lead Safe Renovation- Iowa Bremer Landlords and Northland Regional 
Housing Authority. 

2009- Educational Seminar on OSHA lead in Construction, HUD, EPA, and State Regulations pertaining iowa 
Administrative Code 641 chapters 68-70-Iowa Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Association. 

April 20, 2009. Federal and State Lead Rules. Working towards compliance with state and local public health. -Boone 
Board of Health 

April 2009- April 20, 2010. New Federal and State Lead Rules. Working towards. EPA Regional Conference. Louis 


Iowa Cultural and Language Conference- Breakout session. 

Iowa State Weatherization Members- Update on State Rules. Annual Conference, Okoboji Iowa 
Iowa Department of Public Health Regional Environmental Health and Safety Conferences 

References available by request 




Mindy Uhle 

Healthy Homes Coordinator 
Iowa Department of Public health 

Sandra Scholten, NP 

Nxirse Practioner 

Polk County Health Department 

Laurie Riggs 

Abatement Coordmator/Training Manager 
Polk County Health Department 

Carmily Stone 

Bureau ChiefEnvironmental Health Services 
Iowa Dept. of Public Health 

Ken Sharp 

Environmental Health Division Director 
Iowa Dept. of Public Health 

Angie Poole 

Environmental Specialist Sr. 

Michelle Mauro R.N. 

Register Nurse-Communicable Disease 

Polk County Health Department 

Jeremy Kirk Taylor 

Re: Director of the Department of Education 
Dear Mrs. Churchill: 

I would like to apply for the position of Director of the Department of Education. My 
attitude exemplifies an eagerness to bring elementary students into the twenty-first 
century using a .unique combination of technological experiences coupled with ten years 
as an elementary educator. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Early 
Childhood/Elementary Education, Master's degree in Education Administration, and nine 
years of teaching experience as an elementary teacher and principal designee. I am a 
dedicated, enthusiastic educator whose lifelong goal is to create and nurture a love for 
knowledge in my students. I sincerely believe that every child can learn. 

My technology experiences are many. I have a vast knowledge of computers and am very 
efficient with computer software. I have designed and conducted various faculty and 
student workshops for training in Microsoft word, Power point, Excel, Intel for Teacher 
training, Promethean Board, and Whiteboard. Additional computer experiences and skills 
are included in my resume. My organizational skills are superb, and I project myself well 
orally as well as through written communications. More importantly, I am a team player 
and get along well with others. 

My resume, which is enclosed,.contains other pertinent information on my experiences 
and skills. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the position Director of the 
Department of Education with you and to prov i d e further info rmation on my ca ndidacy. I 
can be reached via my cell phone, ^■■■■M or at homeflHflPM^ 

Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Best regards, 

Jeremy Kirk Taylor 

Jeremy Kirk Taylor 

Professional Profile 

Eager to bring all children, adult, and continuing education learners into the twenty-first 
century using a unique combination of educational experiences, research-based instruction, 
and current emerging technologies. Dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic teaching as a 
means of creating and nurturing a lifelong love of knowledge in today's learners. 

Education, Honors, and Certifications 

Bachelor Early Childhood/Elementary Education 

Miles College, Fairfield, AL May 2004 

Master Education Administration 

Grand Canyon University Phoenix, AZ May 2010 

Doctorate of Education 

Grand Canyon University Phoenix, AZ currently 

National Board Teacher Candidate Birmingham, AL currently 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. 

Brother of the year 2003 
Thomas Ervin Award 2003 

Second Mile Teacher 2012 

Hillview Elementary, Birmingham, AL 2012 

Second Mile Teacher 2006 

Hillview Elementary, Birmingham, AL 2006 

Key Qualifications 

Experienced Computer Educator 

Designed and conducted various faculty training and student workshops for training in _ 
Microsoft word, Power point, Excel, Intel for Teacher training, Promethean Board, and 

Computer Skills 

Software: Microsoft Windows® and WordPerfect, Publisher, Power point, Microsoft 
Word, Wikis Spaces, Blogs, Podcasting, Digital storytelling, Think link, Promethean 
Interactive whiteboard. 

Computer Skills Continues: 

Working knowledge of the Internet 

Various Search Engines 

System installations and debugging 

• First in Math 

■ ARMT Achiever 

• Study Island 
Brain Pop 

Plan and instruct each subject area using wide variety of teaching aids, motivational and 
implementation strategies to engage students in active learning. 

Incorporate learning modality principles into classroom and individual instruction. Develop 
and conduct inter-grade activities. 

Implement technological approaches to subject material. Research educational resources on 
the Internet. Assist with information retrieval. 

To provide direct instruction to students and carry out other instructional duties and 
instructional support operations according to the provisions of the Alabama State Plan for 
Adult Education and Family Literacy. 

Provide grade level instructions to learners (1 6 years of age and older who lack basic 
educational skills) in reading, writing, social studies, science, and/or mathematics so that 
they can function effectively in society. 

Provide instructional leadership and support by conducting workshops, coaching, 
mentoring, training and otherwise sharing new strategies and ideas with others. 

Employment and Related Responsibilities 

. Principal Designee, November '2008 to present 

. Learn it System, Online Lead Teacher, November 20 1 to present 

. Hilhiew Elementaiy Lead Teacher, K thru 5 school, January 200 4 to present 

. Hilhiew Elementary Science Club Coordinator August 20 1 to present 

Technology Representative 2004 to present 
. Berlitz English Instructor, Online Instructor, November 20 1 to present 
. Feeder Pattern Committee Representative December 20 1 

Education Administration Internship January-May 2010 
. Instructional Leadership & Curriculum Training January-May 2010 

Textbook Coordinator, August 2006 to present Hillview Elementary School 

United Way Coordinator, August 2005 to present Hillview Elementary School 

Employment and Related Responsibilities Continues: 

. Alabama Reading Intuitive Training, July 2005 
Price Elementary Birmingham, AL 

. ARI Teacher Training Presenter, September 2005 
Hillview Elementary Birmingham, AL 

Teaching American History Presenter, July 2007 
Fultondale Elementary Birmingham, AL 

. Advanced Educator Space Academy, June 2005 

Nasa Space & Rocket Center Huntsville, AL 

Workshop Presenter, November 2005 

Differentiated Instruction, Midfield, AL 

Student Teacher, September to December 2003 
Glen Oaks Elementary, Fairfield, AL 

Computer Related Training Positions & Professional Development 

Active Shooter Training for Teacher 2013 

Jefferson County Board, Homewood, AL 

Intel Teach Program for Teacher April 2010 

Jefferson County Board, Homewood, AL 

Teaching American History Grant, July 2006 thru July 2007 
Jefferson County Board, Homewood, AL 

. Intel for Teacher of the Future, June 2006 

West Jefferson Middle School, Morris, AL 

Promethean Training Interactive Whiteboard October 2007 
Crumley Chapel Elementary, Birmingham, AL 

Lego Robotics Training, October 2005 

Nasa Space & Rocket Center 

Professional A /filiations 

Alabama Education Association 

(NSTA) National Science Teacher Association 

(ISTE) International Society for Technology in Education 

(AASA) American Association of School Administrators 

(ASCD) Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 

National Council Social Studies 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. 

Boys Talk Youth Mentor 

-A/3 Cow*- <te-tf^r — 

Todd A, Thompson 


University of South Dakota, Vermillion, South Dakota 2007 
Education Specialist Degree 

Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa 1997 
K-12 Administration Endorsement Program 

University of Texas, Edinburg, Texas 1991 
Master of Education in Counseling 

Westmar College, LeMars, Iowa 1988 
Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education, Minor in Science 


Clarksville School District. Clarksville. Iowa 2008 - Present 

Middle School and High School Principal 
Jr. High Girls Basketball Coach 
High School Cross Country Coach 


s Staff development and progress for the Middle School and High School. 

✓ Management of staff and students grades 6-12 in the areas of: student achievement, 
scheduling, master schedule development, student discipline, teacher evaluations, regular 
teacher meetings, supervision of extra-curricular activities and student council meetings. 

✓ Member of the School Improvement Advisory Committee, Technology Committee, 
Professional Development Committee, Iowa Core Curriculum Committee, Positive 

. Behavior Supports, and the Administrative Team, 
v E2020 Online Curriculum Manager 

✓ Facilitator (trained) for new teachers and mentors. 

Achievements (initiated/assisted) 


Formed new character development programs, class, and scheduled speakers. 
Obtained new course offerings through distance education opportunities with area schools 
and Hawkeye Community College. 

Started a summer school program (and taught) for middle school students. 

✓ Created the Clarksville Alternative High School. 

✓ Restructured our computer lab and obtained computers at no cost. 

✓ Reduced student ineligibility and the number of students failing classes. 

✓ Improved school spirit. 

■/ Promoted a cross country program by volunteering my time. 


✓ Introduced Religious Release Time Education Program for high school students. 

✓ Implemented the daily recital of the Pledge of Allegiance by the entire student body. 

s Started a cross-country program by volunteering my time coaching and scheduling meets. 

North Kossuth School District. Swea Citv. Iowa 2003 - 2008 

High School/Middle School Principal - Responsible for supervision of staff 

and students, assist with extra-curricular activities and eligibility. Organized 
and implemented School Improvement Committee. Served as Curriculum 
Coordinator for grades 7-12 and High School Student Council Sponsor. 
Developed class schedules on JMC Program. Grant Coordinator - applied 
for and received $305,000 Carrol White PE. Grant from the U.S. Dept. of 
Education and therefore implemented new PE. curriculum and program. 
Led weekly staff meetings, started committees and programs. Implemented 
new policies relating to attendance, work experience, graduation requirements, 
release time education, Middle.School and High School Reform, participated 
in teacher negotiations, member of Management Team, Strategic Planning 
Committee, and District Leadership Team. 

South Tama County School District. Tama. Iowa 1999-2003 
High School Assistant Principal - Responsible for counseling, discipline and 
attendance of all students. Assisted with the supervision of staff and 
extra-curricular activities. Participated in interviewing personnel and 
evaluating staff. Guided a committee to help at-risk students to provide 
needed services and interventions such as academic, personal, and home 
issues. Implemented new discipline and attendance policy/strategy. 
Coached Varsity Track. 

Titonka Consolidated School District. Titonka. Iowa 1997-1999 
K~8 Principal/Site Administrator/Athletic Director/Counselor- Responsible for 
the organization and implementation of all school programs and projects. 
Responsible for all students and staff. Organized several fund raising 
projects and student ready projects. Served as City's youth Recreation 
Director. Drafted and received $35,000 school improvement grant to 
implement school improvement plan. 

Eldora-New Providence School District. Eldora. Iowa 1993-1997 

9-12 Guidance Counselor- Provided individual counseling (academic and 
personal), college planning, Scholarship Coordinator, Director of Testing, 
Work Experience Program Coordinator, Dollars for Scholars Program 
Coordinator, Level I Investigator, Peer Helper Instructor, member of various 
committees. Coached Jr. High Football. 

K-4 Guidance Counselor- Provided individual and group counseling, classroom 
guidance activities, worked with special education students, playground 
game coach, Student Help Team member, co-coordinator of elementary 

Other - High School RE. 

Twin Rivers School District. Bode. Iowa 1991-1993 
K-72 Guidance Counselor, K-12At-Risk Coordinator- Implemented and 
instructed 7-12 TAG Program, implemented and instructed Volunteer 
Peer Helper Program, implemented Mentoring Program. Coached High 
School Track and Jr. High Football. Scouted for High School Football. 

Mission Consolidated School District. Mission. Texas 1989-1991 
High School Science instructor-^ grade at-risk students. Coached Jr. 
High Football. 


Member of Iowa High School Principal Association 
Member of Iowa High School Athletic Association Referee 
Clarksviile Lions Club Member - organized scholarship fundraiser 
Cedar Valley Principal Member 

Drop-Out Prevention Task Force Member 

implemented community-wide fitness program as a result of the Carrol White P.E. Grant 
Organized a Dollars for Scholars fund raiser 

Honorable Governor Terry E. Branstad 

June 18,2013 

Office of the Governor 
State Capitol 
1007 East Grand Avenue 
DesM)ines,TA 50319 

Dear Governor Branstad: 

Please consider this my application for State Director of the Iowa Department of Education. During my career as a 
school leader, I have worked in collaboration with personnel from the Iowa Department of Education, local, state 
and national legislators, and educational agencies. I have had involvement with the Iowa Association of School 
Boards, School Administrators of Iowa, and area education agencies throughout the state. As a Board Member of 
ASCD International, I meet several times each year with educators from other states and countries, all who are 
dedicated to improving education for the benefit of students and their futures. My commitment has always been to 
foster relationships and promote policies that suppOlt continuous improvement in our schools in order for students 
to achieve at high levels and find success. Now, with the innovative changes that will come about as a result of the 
much needed Education Reform bill, collaborative partnerships and effective communication will be essential for 
the reform initiatives and new practices to be embedded in schools. 

I have been committed to the implementation of policies and programs that fully prepare students to be college and 
career ready. As a state, we must face the reality that our educational systems have declined and we need to focus our 
attention and resources so that Iowa is once again "fust in education". We need to continue to communicate the 
message so that our stakeholders clearly understand that too many students today are not ready to enter the work 
force. Too many students move through the grade levels without demonstrating proficiency in reading, math, and 
other important academic areas. We need to attract and keep high quality educators hi this state to lead and maintain 
the necessary changes. A clear vision for our state has been established; Iowa must do better. The educational 
reform pathways that have been outlined put new plans in place, but we have much work ahead to reach our goals. 
Success with school reform will require knowledge, courage, and a will to make our schools excellent. The teacher 
leadership programs will facilitate the reform that Iowa needs. I am confident that we are on the right road, but we 
need leadership at the state level to make this happen. 

I have held meetings with members of the Iowa Department of Education and state legislators to discuss educational 
issues and ways these could be address problem areas. From 2000-2002, I served on the state team that developed the 
Iowa Professional Development Model with Dr. Beverly Showers. I was one of two administrators selected to represent 
schools in the development of this research-based model. I currently serve as a member of the state Response to 
Intervention task force that focuses on Educator Quality. Our mission is to identify the leadership knowledge and skills 
necessary for teachers and administrators so that we close the achievement gaps and ensure that every child is 
proficient in reading by the end of third grade. I understand the need for all educators to engage in these critical 
conversations about scaling up and establishing structures to support successful implementation as we move forward. 

As a school superintendent and Board member of ASCD and Iowa ASCD, I have had face-to-face meetings with past 
and current Iowa Department of Education Directors and legislators from the local, state, and national levels 
regarding issues in education. Our discussions have centered on how we could work together and support building the 
capacity of an educational system to assure a relentless focus on learning. We advocated doing so through clarity and 
consistency in learning expectations and core instructional practices, by having a learning system informed by data 
and driven by results that are responsive to student learning needs and ensuring high learning expectations and 
evidence-based instructional practices. 

I led the implementation of a school wide system for teacher and principal evaluation that connects evaluation with student 
achievement. Our teacher and administrator evaluation system also identifies levels of performance for the teachers' skills. I 
authored an article published by ASCD on this topic. We continue to use this evaluation system, as I firmly believe that 

educators must be accountable for students' learning and we must show data that demonstrates when this occurs. My 
doctoral research and work: as an intermediate agency supervisor who led school leadership development for over 70 
school districts, and my position as school superintendent have focused on building capacity through professional learning, 
coaching and mentoring, effective evaluation systems, and the accreditation process. My background in special education, 
as well as that of a school administrator leading curriculum and instructional programs, has prepared me to be the voice of 
educators who understand the processes that need to be undertaken and the relationships that need to be built to achieve 
positive change. 

In 2012, 1 was asked to speak to members of the House Education Committee. Educational reform was the focus and 
the House Education Committee Chair, Representative Gregg Forristall, asked that I share my experiences with 
committee members regarding teacher and administrator evaluation, as well as the need for professional learning to 
grow quality educators. I continue to have regular dialogues with members of the Senate and House on educational 
topics. I have met with national members of the Senate and House for the past three years, as Co-chair of Advocacy 
and Influence for Iowa ASCD. With representatives and senators, I have consistently addressed the need for our nation 
to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and to do so with a sense of urgency, so that we can move 
away from identifying schools as failing and focus instead on how we help all schools reach success. While Iowa has 
not received the NCLB waiver, neither No Child Left Behind or Race to the Top have produced the results that we need. 

I understand what works in education; my experiences have centered on assuring we engage in practices and programs 
that focus on meeting the diverse needs of all learners, their unique interests, and individual abilities. I have led change 
initiatives that addressed students of low socio-economic levels, those considered at-risk, those with special learning 
needs, and those with gifted abilities. As an administrator, I have sought and used research-based programs designed to 
help all students through increased engagement and relevant, rigorous instruction. I have overseen implementation of 
before and after school and summer academic programs, as well as acceleration and competency based education. I 
teach courses to aspiring superintendents at the university level on how to be instructional leaders, particularly on how 
to work in collaboration with Boards of Education, staff, and district stakeholders to effectively implement research- 
based programs to achieve our primary goal- for all students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. 

Education is constantly evolving and it is our responsibility to help students adapt to a globally connected world. We 
want all Iowa schools to be world class. By connecting agencies and districts, educators and stakeholders, Iowa should 
lead the nation. We must be committed to providing a continuum of services that are responsive to struggling, 
accelerated , and underperforming learners. 

I want to lead in our state where partnerships and collaboration are valued, where the focus is on improving student 
achievement, engagement, and responsibility. To ensure we are successful in this vision, I will work in cooperation with 
you, as Governor, with staff members, community, legislators, and the State Board of Education, so that together we 
develop strong working partnerships. The state expects a Director who they can trust and who models sound leadership, 
while keeping students first. It requires that the Director, in union with the many committed groups, be forward thinking 
and act upon the vision that the stakeholders have for its students. Iowa's promise to be progressive will be demonstrated 
through the educational reform plans now underway. 

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to lead education in our state. My life's work has been to ensure that our 
educational system supports continuous improvement in schools. In the past, Iowa was nationally recognized for high 
quality education; we must regain this important status, as our students and the strong future of our state depend on this. 

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to share more about my background and successes as an educational 
leader. Thank you for your consideration. 


Pam Vogel 

June 18,2013 

To Whom It May Concern: 

The expected salary range for this position would be $145,000- $160,000. 


Pam Vogel 

Superintendent of Schools 

East Union Community School District 

Dr. Pamela Vogel 


■ Lead state educational initiatives in order for all students to achieve at high levels 

■ Ensure that educational reform is systemic and enables all educators to grow professionally 

■ Facilitate collaborative efforts and policy decisions that support resources for education 

■ Develop highly effective partnerships between educational agencies and businesses/ with a unified 
focus on high expectations for schools and students 

■ Provide a statewide system that produces students who are college and career ready 

■ Promote and expect accountability and high quality instructional leadership skills in schools, through 
communication with educational agencies, policy makers and local citizens 

■ Work to ensure that the state attracts and retains talented educators 

■ Maximize student achievement through ensuring alignment of methodology, resources, instruction, 
and assessment in educational systems 

■ Promote public understanding of the need to focus attention and resources in the state so that Iowa is 
once again "first in education" 


• Commitment to the development and implementation of policies that support excellence in education 

• Advocacy for students and educational issues at local, state, and national levels 

• Strong communication and collaboration skills to create understanding and build consensus 

• Experience with development and oversight of innovative educational programs to impact widespread 
school improvement 

• Knowledge of effective use of research-based programs and implementation 

• Demonstrated ability to form collaborative teams and partnerships 

• Leadership by example, through effective communication of expectations and follow through 

• Demonstrated ability to empower others to be leaders and take responsibility for the organization 

• Experience in strategic and organizational planning 

• Demonstrated leadership and vision with Boards of Education and district stakeholders 

• Demonstrated fiscal and human resource management 

• High standards of integrity and accountability for self and members of the organization 


2008 - Present Superintendent of Schools, East Union School District, Afton, Iowa 

Major responsibilities include enactment of academic and extracurricular programs to ensure student 
involvement and success, implementation of research-based and innovative programs, goal setting for all 
educators, including board of education, administrators, teachers and staff; oversight of district's human and 
financial resources, efficient school operations through communication with departments, passage of a bond 
referendum and construction for PreK-5 school, expansion of School/ Community Resource Program, 
development of Early Childhood Center and Junior Kindergarten, evaluation of administrative personnel, 
hiring, negotiations, facilitation of community/ school committees, coordination of state accreditation site visit, 
communication with state and national legislators on educational issues 

Vitae; Dr. Pani Vogel 1 

2010 - Present Instructor, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 

Teach courses to school leaders obtaining superintendent licensure: ""Aligning the System for Student 
Achievement" - Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment/ Accountability, & Culture of Learning 

2006 - 2008 Supervisor of Leadership Development, Heartland Area Education Agency, 

Johnston, Iowa 

Major responsibilities included directing leadership services to administrators in 56 public schools and 28 
accredited non-public schools, based on current leadership research; development and administration of 
professional learning and coaching for school administrators that builds their instructional leadership 
capacity, development of effective teacher and school leadership teams, providing professional support for 
administrative teams and boards of education to focus efforts on increasing student learning 

2002 - 2004 Middle School Principal, Woodward-Granger Community School District, 

Woodward, Iowa 

Responsibilities included implementation of middle school concept, teacher teams, facilitation of professional 
learning communities, professional development, staff evaluation, hiring, budgeting 

2000 - 2006 Director of Curriculum/Instruction and Special Programs, Woodward- 

Granger Community School District, Woodward, Iowa 

Responsibilities included curriculum, assessment, technology, evaluation, professional development and all 
pertaining budgets; special education, gifted education, at-risk programming, equity programs, personnel, 
shared decision making, grant writing, technology integration, systems thinking, facilitator of community 
advisory and district school improvement committees, coordination of state accreditation site visit 

1998 - 2000 Director of Curriculum and Instructional Programs, Lynnville-Sully 

Community School District, Sully, Iowa 

Major responsibilities included oversight of curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development, 
grant programs, technology, accompanying budgets, facilitator of community advisory committee 

1990 - 1998 Secondary Special Education Teacher, Oskaloosa Junior High School, 

Oskaloosa, Iowa 

Developed and implemented Life Skills program/ curriculum for students with moderate and severe cognitive 
and physical special needs, to include functional academics, vocational preparation, independent living skills, 
facilitated opportunities for general education integration and employment opportunities, initiated Peer Helping 
program for classroom, coached Special Olympics 

1988 - 1990 Secondary Special Education Teacher, Oskaloosa Junior High School, 

Oskaloosa, Iowa 

Developed and taught program for students with behavioral and learning disabilities in core subject areas, 
social skills, planned integration transitions to general education 

Vitae: Dr. Pom Vogel 


■ Ph.D.: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 2008, 
graduated magna cum laude. 

Jordan Larson Award for Excellence in Educational Administration, 2008: 

"Leading Change- Hie Role of the Principal Leading School Improvement through Implementation of 

the loxva Professional Development Model" 

Scottish Rite Fellowship Award Recipient, Dissertation Study Award, 2004 
Sampson Graduate Fellowship Award Recipient for Leadership, 2004 

■ Specialist in Educational Administration: Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa; 2000; certificated for 
superintendency and evaluator approval, graduated summa cum laude. 

■ Master of Science in Education - Secondary Special Education: Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa; 
1994, graduated summa cum laude. 

■ Undergraduate Studies: Behavioral Disabilities, Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri, 1990. 

■ Bachelor of Science in Education, Elementary and Special Education, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 
Iowa, 1976. 


ASCD International, Executive Board Member, 2013-2016. 

• Iowa Department of Education C4K (Connecting for Kids) Educator Quality Committee, 2013. 
Iowa Department of Education Superintendent's Advisory Committee, 2012-2013. 

• Iowa Department of Education Governor's Task Force on Early Childhood Assessment, 2012. 

• ASCD Leadership Council, Co-chair of Advocacy and Influence, 2010-2012. 
Pilot School for State of Iowa Response to hiteivention Assessment Program: 2011. 

• Teacher and administrator evaluation system, development of leveled system, 2010. 

• Iowa Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development Executive Board Member; 2000-Present; 
President, 2008-2009. 

• Instructional Rounds Facilitator, Area Education Agency Superintendent Network, 2009-Present. 

• Green Hills Area Education Agency Instructional Technology Advisory Committee, 2011- Present 

• School Administrators of Iowa: 

o Professional Development Committee, 2002-2005, 2008-2009. 
o Annual Conference Committee, 2009-2010, 2012-2013. 
o Superintendent of Year Selection Committee, 2011. 
o Executive Leaders Committee, 2011- Present. 

• Statewide Leadership Development Committee Website Committee Chairperson, 2007-2008. 

• Heartland Area Education Agency 11 Differentiation Advisory Committee, 2005-2008. 

• Iowa Department of Education Focus on High Schools State Steering Committee, 2004-2006. 

• Heartland Area Education Agency 11 Beginning Teacher & Mentor Advisory Committee, 2000-2006. 

• Iowa Department of Education Iowa Professional Development Model Stakeholder Committee, 2000- 

• State and national presenter and consultant, curriculum mapping, 2001- 2004. 

• Heartland Area Education Agency Curriculum Mapping Project Leader, 2000-2003. 
" American Association of School Administrators, 1998-2013. 

Vitae: Dr. Pain Vogel 



Vogel, P. Evaluations that work for principals, work for schools. ASCD Express, April 2013, 8(4). 
http:/ / 

Armstrong-Vogel, P. Essential concepts for a changing world. Iowa Educational Leadership, March 2010, 4-6. 

Armstrong-Vogel, P., Meeting the needs of each student: Implementing and documenting 
differentiation in the classroom. Iowa Educational Leadership, May 2007, 23-29. 

Armstrong, P., Ewell, P., & Akwaji, C. Implementing the Iowa Professional Development Model: An action 
research study. Iowa Educational Leadership, January 2004, 16-24, December 2003, 1-9. 

Armstrong, Pam, What should we teach? A map of a school's curricular path helps us to know. Iowa 
Educational Leadership, October 2001, 1-5. 


Educational Reform in Iowa. Presentation to Iowa House Education Committee, Des Moines, Iowa, February 2012. 

Goal-Setting and Electronic Portfolios for Superintendent Evaluation. Presentation for Green Valley Area Education 
Agency 14 Superintendents' Meeting, Creston, Iowa, October 2009. 

Effective Building and District Teacher Leadership Teams. Presentation for Heartland Area Education Agency 11 
Superintendents' Meeting, Johnston, Iowa, February 2007. 

No Child Left Behind. Panel Discussion for Des Moines School Board, Des Moines, Iowa, August 2007. 

Leadership Teams and Collaboration. Presentation at Heartland Area Education Agency 11 Curriculum Leaders' 
Meeting, Johnston, Iowa, February 2006. 

Middle and High School Reform - District Change and How it Can Be Done. Presentation at the Heartland Area 
Education Agency 11 Superintendents' Meeting, West Des Moines, Iowa, November 2005. 

Sustaining Professional Development - Connecting the District, Building and Individual Career Professional Development 
Plans. Presentation at Iowa ASCD Curriculum Academy IH, Des Moines, Iowa, May 2005. 

Comprehensive School Reform Best Practices Conference -Middle and High School Reform. Presentation for the Iowa 
Department of Education, Des Moines, Iowa, June 2004. 

Implementing the Iowa Professional Development Model. Presentation at the North Central Association Commission on 
Accreditation/ School Improvement 2004 Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, March 2004. 

Vie Iowa Professional Development Model - Making it Work. Presentation at School Administrators of Iowa 
Statewide Administration Workshop, Des Moines, Iowa, March 2004. 

Vie Iowa Professional Development Model. Research Presentation at Iowa Educational Research and Evaluation 
Association, Ames, Iowa, December 2003. 

To Prove and Improve Student Learning. Speech for Iowa Association of School Boards, Annual Conference, Des 
Moines, Iowa, November 2001. 

Vitae: Dr. Pam Vogel 


Dr. Dan Smith, School Administrators of Iowa, Executive Director, Clive, IA,\ 
Dr. Tom Narak, School Administrators of Iowa, Government Relations Director, Clive, IA, 
Mr. Gary Sinclair, Iowa Association School Boards, Financial Co-Director, Des Moines, IA, 
Dr. Jim Verlengia, Superintendent, Colo-Nesco IA, 

Dr. Martha Bruckner , Superintendent, Council Bluffs School District, IA,f 
Mr. Joseph Brown, Superintendent, Fairmont Independent School District, MNJ 
Ms. Lou Howell, Iowa ASCD, Executive Director, Clive, IA,I 
Senator Joni Ernst, State Legislator, Iowa District 12^ 
Representative Cindy Winckler, State Legislator, Iowa District 86, 
Representative Cecil Dolecheck, State Legislator, Iowa District 124, 
Representative Gregg Forristall, State Legislator, Iowa District 98, 

Vitae: Dr. Pam Vogel 



A management professional with education and training projects management 


20G6-Present- Community Support Specialist, RESCARE, INC, USA, a non profit 
organization that provides support to individuals with various mental and physical 
disabilities, reporting to the Service Director, responsible for implementing training 
programs, facilities maintenance, record keeping, individual accounts management and 
team building. 

• Developed and implemented training programs that would enable our clients to 
live independently. About 30% of our clients are able to live independently in 
group homes or in their own apartments. 

• Ensured Rescare residential facilities were healthy by maintaining high standard 
of cleanliness that created a comfortable living and working environment. 

• 2003-2005- Youth Development Specialist. YOUTH HOMES OF MID-AMERICA, 
JOHNSTON, IOWA, reporting to the Program Director with the responsibility of training 
program development and implementation, planning, report writing, youth supervision 
and facility maintenance. 

• Developed and implemented youth training programs resulting in 60% of our 
students from inner city backgrounds going through rehabilitation and resuming 

• Maintained buildings, training equipment and vehicles providing high quality 
learning and teaching environment. 

2002-2006 - Career Development Specialist - BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS OF 
AMERICA, IOWA, USA, organizations providing rehabilitation, vocational training and 
education to children from inner city backgrounds to provide them with employability 
skills, reporting to Operations Director, responsible for training programs development 
and implementation, supervision, proposal development, planning, budget development 
and management. 

• Developed a training program that enabled youth to learn employment related 
skills including job search techniques, application, interviewing and assisted them 
in getting jobs. An average of 100 graduates of our program got jobs in one year 
through this program. 

1999-2001- Director. ELIM TRAINING INSTITUTE, THIKA, KENYA, a vocational 
training institute owned by the women's guild ofPEFA Church, Thika, reporting to the 


Board of Directors, responsible for human and financial resources management, 
establishment of new vocational training programs for out of school youth to enable them 
secure employment after graduation, planning, fond raising, budget development and 
management, human and financial resources management. 

• Partitioned abandoned buildings into classrooms, workshops and library to create 
more room for the students and solicited funds for Gaining equipment, including 
computers, sewing machines, typewriters and put to use, abandoned equipment 
donated by WORKAID-UK. This resulted in a surge in enrolment by 40% and 
revenue by 60%. 

• Recruited, oriented, trained, developed and built a strong team of trainers that 
initiated the new programs resulting in high quality training to over 200 students 
per year. 

1997-1998- Took study leave for graduate work at the Institute of Social Studies. 

1993-1997- Director. NAKURU COMMUNITY CENTER, NAKURU, KENYA of the 
National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) with the Small Scale Business 
Enterprises program funded by USAID, reporting to the Board of Management, with the 
responsibility of human and financial resources management, fundraising, planning, 
developing and coordinating management training programs for staff and vocational 
training programs for out of school youth to enhance their employability and acquire 
skills for self employment, 

• Developed and implemented staff management training programs and vocational 
training programs to out of school youth from poor families including Business 
studies, tailoring and dressmaking, computer training, Secretarial framing and 
foreign languages. 

• Ensured teams of trainers were developed to provide quality services to our 
students. This effort resulted in an upsurge in enrolment, revenue and the number 
of youth securing employment in the community. 

• Renovated abandoned buildings converting them into workshops, library and 
classrooms to create room for the new students, bought new furniture, utensils, 
training equipment improving the quality of services provided and enhancing 
revenue and enrollment by 60% 

1990-1992- Attended Okanagan Bible College, Kelowna, BC, Canada 

1978-1990- Principal. MAGUTU HIGH SCHOOL, KARATTNA, KENYA, reporting to 
the Board of Governors with the responsibility of managing education programs, 
overseeing daily operations, enhancing the curriculum, developing quality assurance, 
human and financial management, implementing grant programs, managing budgets, 
developing education materials, editorial control of school publications, maintenance of 
relationships with partners and development of funding proposals. 

• through a strong network of local and international partners/donors, I raised 
enough funds for construction of 4 classrooms, 4 staff houses, a science 
laboratory, a library, a dining hall and kitchen and a dormitory and equipped them 


• all. My effort resulted in an enhancement of the enrollment from 95-320 students 
and revenue by 70% very high academic and co-curricular performance. 


• MA- International Development - Employment and Labor Studies with 
Specializations in Human Resources Management, Labor Relations and Trade 
Unions and Human Resources Development and Employment Strategies 

Research; "Empowerment through Training: An assessment of The Community Based 
Training Institutions and Programs in Kenya" 

Institution - Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands, a graduate school of 
international development studies 

Scholarship - by World Council of Churches, National Council of Churches of Kenya and 
the Dutch Government 

• BRE- Bachelor of Religious Education 
Institution - Okanagan Bible College, Kelowna, BC, Canada 

• -Diploma in Education 
Institution- Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya 

Further Training 

• Educational Administration and Management 
Facilitators- Kenya Education Staff Institute, Nairobi 

♦ -Total Quality Management- TQM 

Facilitators - Kenya Institute of Management, Nairobi, Kenya Computer Operations 

Volunteer Work 

Languages - English, Kikuyu, Swahili 

Gabel, Sheryl [PAS] 





William Wilsor 
Thursday, June 20, 2013 8:51 PM 
Gabel, Sheryl [DAS]; Churchill, Susan [DAS] 
Update to Application for Director, Department of Education 

Ms. Gabel; Ms. Churchill: 

Thank you for confirming receipt of my cover letter and resume for the position of Director, Department of 
Education (12221BR). Please attach the following^Q^gggggpto my cover letter: 

1 . Leadership and vision working with educational boards and stakeholders. (A) It was my vision and 
business plan, submitted to the Board of Mercy Hospital, that led to my hiring to implement the formation of 
the Mercy College of Health Sciences here in Des Moines. (B) Hired from outside Bible college circles, it was 
my leadership and vision that led to the revision and adoption of their 1 14-member college accrediting body's 
criteria, policies, and procedures, such that the sanction of the U.S. Department of Education was lifted , and 
their accrediting authority was able to continue. (C) I served as the chief counsel to this accrediting body's 14- 
member Commission on Accreditation, setting the agenda, preparing materials, and lending expertise 
regarding the degree to which compliance with accrediting criteria had been documented by each college 
appearing before it. (D) My cover letter for the Director, Department of Education, contains a further example 
of my vision, and I am prepared to provide the leadership necessary to see it through adoption. 

2. Development and oversight of key educational programs. (A) It was my leadership that added general 
studies and initiated degree programs at Mercy College, whose School of Nursing had to that point merely 
granted diplomas. (B) I conducted consultation visits to over 50 colleges in the U.S. and Canada, analyzing 
operations and providing counsel to these colleges regarding a host of issues, including their academic 

3. Administration within a medium to large educational system or disfrict. The Bible college accrediting 
agency for which I served as Associate Director, hired as an outsider as described above, was an association of 
1 14 colleges spread throughout the U.S. and Canada, a rather large educational system. 

4. Salary requirements. I would be happy with whatever is budgeted for this position. 
Thank you for adding these responses to my cover letter. 

William Wilson 


Churchill, Susan [DAS] 





Sunday, June 16, 2013 9:27 PM 
Churchill, Susan [DAS] 

Application for Director, Department of Education 

June 16, 2013 
Governor Terry Branstad 

State Capitol 

1007 E. Grand Ave. 

Des Moines, IA 50319 

C: Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds 

Sen. Brad Zaun 

Rep. Jake Highflll 

Ms. Susan Churchill 
Dear Gov. Branstad: 

Your consideration of my qualifications to serve as the Director of the Iowa Department of Education is 

My interest in this position stems from a strong desire to focus the State's energy and resources on the 
interaction between teacher and student, granting "freedom to teach, freedom to learn". It is my opinion that 
the bureaucratic schooling system that has grown up around this essential interaction has become the 
problem, even to the point of harming that relationship between teacher and student. Nonteaching personnel 
soak up millions of dollars that should be going to teachers. Today's typical high school diploma has become 
basically meaningless, and we are sending far too many graduates into the adult world grossly ill-prepared for 
the responsibilities they are expected to assume. 

I have a doctorate in education, teaching experience on the elementary and secondary levels, and 
administrative experience on the collegiate level. I have provided leadership on the national level, am certainly 
capable of administering the bureaucratic schooling system, and will do so. But my vision is to replace that 
system with one that can transform education in Iowa and, with Iowa as the model, in the nation. I fully realize 
that you will be expected to nominate someone who is currently a player in the system, but I am hopeful that, 
having read my vision for education below, you will catch a glimpse of what education can be, and will risk 
nominating someone like myself who would. like to change the system, not perpetuate it. 

What I am suggesting is akin to nominating someone to lead a transportation department in the late 
1800s. Everyone was accustomed to the system. Horses and buggies were the thing. They got people from 
point A to point B. The horse sellers, blacksmiths, and wheelwrights had a vested interest in the status 
quo. And a reform had just been initiated to make a better horseshoe. It was expected that another "horse 
and buggy man" would be nominated to the post. But by taking the bold step of nominating someone with a 
new vision for transportation, the era of automobiles and airplanes was bom. 


Please excuse the following excursion, but it will let you know a little more about me. 
Vision for Education in Iowa and the Nation 

American education is weak, bloated, and deteriorating. Far too many reform efforts merely tinker around the 
edges, do not get at the root of the problem, and only increase costs without producing significant results. It is 
time for bold, systemic change. 

Education takes place between teacher and student, and all attention should be focused on that 
relationship. Ali mora! persons having demonstrated the desire and ability to teach, and passing tests 
described below, should be authorized to do at the Form One and Form Two levels (elementary), and paid an 
average of $5,000 per student by the State (more for students of low IQ), to a maximum of ten 
students. Parents contract directly with the teacher, who has clearly advertised what his or her philosophy and 
goals are, and what materials and methods he or she will use during the year. Parents are responsible, under 
penalty, for providing breakfast for their children before transporting them to the teacher, providing them with a 
healthy lunch, and retrieving them when classes end for the day. Students will advance to the Form Two Level 
after scoring 98% or higher on the State's Certificate I Exam, the main focus of which is to certify competence 
in English grammar expected of an American ten-year old, and will receive a Certificate i. Form Two focuses 
on logic and literature, among other subjects, with Certificate II being awarded to students scoring 98% or 
higher on the Certificate 11 Exam, which certifies competence in logical thinking and the English language 
expected of an American 14-year old. 

Forms One and Two are basically tutorial in nature, and involve a student-teacher ratio of no g reater than 10:1, 
thereby greatly enhancing the interaction not only between student and teacher, but also between parent and 
teacher. Having eliminated social promotion in favor of advancement based upon competency, the 
seriousness of the endeavor will be understood by ali. With classes diffused throughout the community, the 
need for administrators, facilities, non-teaching staff, etc., is eliminated. The expectation that parents once 
again assume even this slightest degree of responsibility for their children can only be good for our 
society. Authorizing as teachers all moral persons who demonstrate the desire and ability to teach opens the 
door to countless individuals who, due to over-regulation and bureaucracy, are at present prevented from using 
their God-given abilities to teach our youth. Documentation of moral character and the ability to teach can be 
as simple as submitting letters of recommendation from pastors, priests, rabbis, imams, or others qualified to 
make these judgments, and can be confirmed in subsequent years by the results achieved (weighted by 
student IQ). Passing a test on English grammar for Form One teachers and English grammar, literature, and 
logic for Form Two teachers will document competence in these areas. 

Form Three (secondary) education will focus upon the development of writing and speaking skills. But, once 
again, parents will contract with a teacher or teachers competent in the areas of English, history, mathematics, 
etc. Certificate 111 will be awarded to students who score 98% or higher on the Certificate Ell Exam, which will 
certify adult-level skills in grammar, logic, and rhetoric, knowledge in history, science, and other subjects, as 
well knowledge with respect to personal integrity, family life, and citizenship. For being the final certificate in a 
person's basic education, Certificate III would verify that the graduate knows what it means to be a good 
person, a good parent, a good neighbor, and a good citizen, and that the recipient is indeed educated at a 
level necessary for assuming a constructive role as an adult in our society. Certificate III recipients under the 
age of 18 should be granted the right to vote, and driving privileges should be delayed until age 18 except for 
those who achieve Certificate 111 and who have a clean criminal record. These latter provisions will help to 
focus the student's attention, and curb a host of ills that currently plague our society. 

Form III teachers must likewise present letters of recommendation from the above-named references regarding 
their moral character and teaching ability, and must pass competency tests in the areas they wish to teach. 

Under this system only two small State offices are required: Teacher Authorization and Certificate 
Examination. No longer will there be a need for a Department of Education, school districts, superintendents, 
area education agencies, college schools of education, local boards of education, and a whole host of 
nonteaching personnel and expenses. The savings would be tremendous, and the corresponding ability to 


monetarily reward teachers greatly enhanced. And unlike current high school diplomas, the certificates 
awarded would mean something, namely, competence. 

This tutorial model will replace the schooling model. Every student will get the full attention he or she 
deserves. No longer will brighter students be held back, nor will students who need extra attention drop 
through the cracks. Smaller classes will mean better discipline and less exposure to negative role models, the 
latter being fewer in number due to the accountability built into the parental contract. School buildings filled 
with children will no longer be targets for deranged gunmen or for the chance tornado. Music and athletic 
activities will be sponsored and operated by the local community. More qualified persons will be attracted into 
the teaching profession, knowing not only that the problem of disruptive students is greatly reduced due to the 
parental contract, the tutorial model, the elimination of social promotion, and the student incentives to knuckle 
down and apply themselves, but also knowing that they will receive appropriate remuneration due to the 
elimination of nonteaching personnel and the schooling bureaucracy 

And teachers wil! be free to teach, no longer mere workers in a heavily-regulated union job beholden to 
politically-formulated standards and those who devise and enforce them. Form I teachers will be free to 
choose their curriculum and methods, knowing that their goal is to produce students who can read at the 
Certificate I level. Likewise, Form II and III teachers will be free to use their professional creativity to move 
their students toward competency in the areas described above. And students will be free to advance at their 
own pace toward certificates that actually mean something. 

This may be a bridge too far, but life is short and we only get one chance to make a difference. 
Thanks for reading, and for your consideration. 
William Wilson 


William Wilson 



Doctorate in Education (higher education) from The College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia; 
Master of Arts (religion) from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis; Bachelor of Education (elementary education) 
from Concordia College, Seward, Nebraska 

Professional Experience in Education 

Administrative Dean of the Mercy College of Health Sciences, Des Moines; Associate Director for two 
college accrediting agencies: the Council on Chiropractic Education, West Des Moines, and the American 
Association of Bible Colleges, Fayettevilie, Arkansas; Junior and Senior High School Teacher at First 
Lutheran School, San Fernando, California, and Elementary School Teacher in Missouri and Kansas 


Founded the Mercy College of Health Sciences, leading the effort to transition the diploma-granting school of 
nursing into a degree-granting, accredited, college of health sciences; saved the accrediting authority of the 
American Association of Bible Colleges, hired from outside their circles to objectively analyze the organization 
and initiate changes that would lift sanctions from the U.S. Department of Education; chief counsel to the 
above agency's Commission on Accreditation, providing technical advice to this 14-member body regarding 
their decisions with respect to each college appearing before it; consultant to colleges across the U.S. and 
Canada regarding changes they must make to document compliance with accrediting criteria; saved an 
adoption agency, Gift of Love International Adoptions, from financial collapse, obtaining nonprofit status, 
reigning in costs, and opening new markets. 

Points of Contact 

Joe Estes, MAXiMUS, Inc., Project Director, Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa Program (hawk-i);1 

Political Affiliation 

June 12, 2013 

Susan Churchill 

Iowa Department of Administrative Services 
Hoover State Office Building 

Dear Susan: 

I am writing to express my interest in the position of the Director of the Iowa Department 
of Education. As the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Iowa Department of 
Education, I help ensure the successful development and implementation of the agency's 
top priorities. As a key member of the team that designed Governor Branstad's successful 
education reform legislation, I am fully invested in the Governor's vision of ensuring all 
children in Iowa receive a world-class education, I believe that I have the skills and 
experience to lead the Department's implementation of the most ambitious and promising 
education reform agenda in the nation. 

First, I have a 1 5-year track record of success in the education sector. I taught 
successfully in both rural and urban schools. I also launched and led Teach For America 
on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations in South Dakota, raising the funding and 
creating a professional development system to support nearly 100 teachers over five 
years. In addition, I was one of the first staff members at Teach For All, a global network 
of entrepreneurs working to eliminate educational inequity in their countries, and helped 
develop partner programs around the world. 

Second, as the Director of Strategic Initiatives, I possess the expertise and familiarity 
needed to ensure a seamless leadership transition. I led the development of Iowa's teacher 
leadership and compensation system and am committed to its successful implementation. 
I have also engaged in most of the Department's top priorities and have a clear vision for 
the work ahead. 

Third, I have developed important internal and external relationships in Iowa. I serve on 
the Department's senior leadership and management teams and have strong relationships 
with each member of these teams. I have also traveled across Iowa and built key 
connections with superintendents, AEA staff and the leaders of the state's educational 

Finally, I possess a deep knowledge base in leading public organizations, including a 
Master's degree in public administration with a concentration in public management and 
a Doctorate in education leadership from Harvard University (which included coursework 
at Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government). My professional 
goal is to lead a state department of education, and I have tailored my experiences 

Thank you for taking the time to consider my interest. 

Ryan Wise 

Dr. Ryan Wise 


I am an experienced education policy professional with a record of success at the school, district, state, 
national and international levels in both public and non-profit organizations. My focus is on improving 
student achievement at scale by leading teams in developing and implementing instructionally centered 
strategies. I am a path-breaker in designing and implementing innovative solutions to complex problems. 


Harvard Graduate School of Education 
Doctor of Education Leadership; May 2013 

Coursework: leadership and management, learning and teaching, adult development, assessment, statistical 
analysis, policy and politics, organizational strategy and design, education budgeting and finance 

University of Nebraska at Omaha 

Master of Public Administration; December 2008; GPA: 3.97 
Concentration: Public Management 

Creighton University 

Teacher Education Certification Program; December 2000 
Endorsements: History and Social Studies 

Creighton University 

Bachelor of Arts; May 1998; Summa cumLaude; GPA: 3.96 
Major: History 


Iowa Department of Education 

Senior Policy Fellow, July 2012-February 2013; Director of Strategic Initiatives, February 2013- present 

• Facilitated, over seven months, a 25 member task force that developed recommendations for a state- 
wide teacher leadership and compensation system 

• Served as the lead writer and editor for the task force's final report 

• Solicited feedback from education stakeholders across Iowa on the recommendations of the task force 

• Led the cost modeling process to determine the financial impact of the proposed compensation system 

• Assisted in writing the legislation creating the teacher leadership and compensation system 

• Provided information to legislators on education reform legislation 

• Helped develop content and pedagogy testing requirements for all teacher candidates in Iowa 

• Supported multiple teams on critical agency-wide priorities including implementing the Iowa Core, 
updating and improving support for low-performing schools and districts and developing a plan for 
improving Iowa's assessment system 

Teach For All 

Managing Director, Growth Strategy and Development, May 2008-August 2010 

• Managed the relationship between Teach For All and entrepreneurs in more than 25 countries 
aspiring to launch organizations based on the Teach For America model 

• Engaged with entrepreneurs to assess potential for partnership, provide on-the-ground support and 
assist in stakeholder outreach (travel included Kenya, Nigeria, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, 
the United Arab Emirates, Peru, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Norway and 
the United Kingdom) 

• Supported entrepreneurs in developing high-quality business plans 

• Managed multiple staff members based in several countries 

• Co-designed the criteria local organizations must meet to become a Teach For All partner 

• Facilitated Teach For All's process for making partnership decisions 

Teach For America - South Dakota 

Executive Director, June 2003-May 2008 

• Served as the region's founding Executive Director 

• Co-designed, in partnership with the South Dakota Department of Education, an alternative 
certification pathway that enabled Teach For America's expansion to South Dakota 

• Built and maintained partnerships with five public and Bureau of Indian Affairs grant schools on the 
Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations 

• Designed regional induction and orientation programs for new corps members 

• Managed the creation and delivery of an ongoing professional development program for all corps 
members to ensure they achieved measurable improvement in student achievement 

o Developed a diversified base of financial support from public and private sources from across South 
Dakota and grew Teach For America's annual fundraising in the state from $0 to over $400,000 

• Managed the region's program staff to effectively support corps members in their classrooms 

Omaha Central High School, Omaha, NE 

Teacher, July 2000-May 2003 

• Taught 1 grade American History and 12 th grade World History 

• Co-wrote the World History curriculum and the American History Criterion Reference Test for the 
Omaha Public School District 

• Served on multiple committees: safe and secure schools, scholarship and principal advisory 

• Coached the sophomore volleyball team and served as assistant varsity coach 

Rosa Fort High School, Tunica, MS 

Teacher, July 1998-June 2000 

• Taught History, Sociology and Psychology as a Teach For America corps member 

United States Department of Education 

Graduate Fellow, Office of the Deputy Secretary, Implementation and Support Unit, June-August 201 1 

• Developed goals and measures of success for the ISU in the areas of teacher evaluation, school 
turnaround, academic standards and assessment implementation 

• Created a performance dashboard to track the progress of states receiving Race to the Top funding 

• Co-designed strategy for sharing best practices in education reform between states 

Bush Foundation 

Leadership Fellow, August 2010-May 2012 

• Selected as one of 17 fellows (out of more than 150 applicants) from the Dakotas and Minnesota to 
pursue a self-selected course of study and engage in on-going leadership development seminars 

Capital Area United Way (Pierre/Ft. Pierre, SD) 

Board Member, 2009-2010 

• Served as executive board member and member of the budget and allocation committee 

Teach For America Summer Training Institute 

School Director, Jefferson Davis High School, Houston, TX, June 2002-August 2002 

• Ensured that 50 Teach For America corps members met specific objectives that characterize 
effective teaching and that students attained rigorous academic goals 

• Responsibilities included: collaborating with the site-based administration, developing an operations 
plan for the school program and managing 10 faculty members 


Creating a Teacher Leadership and Compensation System in Iowa (publication pending). April 20 1 3 . 
Doctoral capstone, Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Overcoming the Achievement Divide: Key Challenges and Solutions for Iowa 's Schools. November 13, 2012. 
Iowa Department of Education. (Co-author and lead editor). 

World-class Education for Students is Possible. October 20, 20 12. The Gazette. 

Task Force on Teacher Leadership and Compensation: Final Report. October 15, 2012. Iowa Department of 
Education. (Lead author and editor). 


Ryan Wise Day; May 2, 2008 declared Ryan Wise Day on the Rosebud Reservation by the President of the 
Rosebud Sioux Tribe 

South Dakota Leaders Retreat: selected as a top leader with high potential for future public service, 2005 

Schleich Award; awarded to the top history major at Creighton University, 1998 

Alpha Sigma Nu: National Jesuit Honor Society (the top honor at Jesuit Universities), 1997